The WEIRD viewpoint that will (VERY) QUICKLY improve your golf!

This is the best way to very quickly improve your golf swing & this viewpoint VERY quickly will improve your golf. This view of your golf swing is currently WRONG, I want to change it! We need to make golf simple and this brand new golf tip helps MASSIVELY!

This will help you strike the golf ball more accurately and transform your accuracy and distance with driver! All of the pros at the Open 2023 were doing the same thing on the range, and this view point really does help with your focus point on the golf ball.

This simple golf drill with driver is super simple and easy to follow, if you want to hit the golf ball longer, straighter and on the up, then this simple golf tip is for you! It also massively helps with rotation in the golf swing, and with the hips!

This driver tip will give you a better understanding of how to rotate in the golf swing, you can use in practice and then use this on the golf course I would go as far to say that this is a cheat code for your driver!

Improve your driver, stop slicing, Hit driver better in golf, get better at driving and improve driver golf swing in golf. This is an easy golf practice drill that you can use in competition and you will lower your scores and reduce your handicap.

Loads of golfers, if they are a beginner golfer, senior golfer, mid handicap golfer, low handicap golfer want to know how to get better at driving the golf ball and always ask how to set up to driver. This is the secret driver technique that every golfer needs to know, its a real easy driver technique from the tee and the best thing is it that is works!

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21 Replies to “The WEIRD viewpoint that will (VERY) QUICKLY improve your golf!”

  1. This is the VIEWPOINT that levels up that STRIKE! Try that transition and you’ll have to much more time into the golf ball

  2. 👉 I love this content!!! 🥰 I'm an italian contemporary artist 🔶 I've just posted a Relaxing Video about some Luxury Golf Clubs and Fields 🟥

  3. Michael Hall says:

    Superb Alex.. that's all i can say really… keep em coming 😊

  4. Risto Aksila says:

    It is an athletic move. I feel it in my thigh muscles and hips.

  5. Alan Miller says:

    Alex, I wrote you about this move of the hips before reaching the top of your back swing and thank you for making a video about it. I’ve been pounding the ball 260-280 yds. I’m 67 years old!! One question, can you do the same move with the irons? My big nemesis is 120 yds in, but then I just shot 76 from 6580 yds today. If I could only putt. I got the putting mirror and it’s helping. Just takes lots of practice. Thanks again.

  6. Anna Spence says:

    Really need help chipping from the thick rough😢

  7. OJH says:

    Hi Alex. Any tips for weight transfer when hitting irons and wedges would be great.
    After hitting so many chunky or topped shots, I think I’m trying to help the ball into the air by leaning back and/or being too rigid

  8. andy96356 says:

    You are increasingly becomeming my top utube golf of your videos has really helped my driving of the ball.

  9. Which is strong in hitting the ball left or right hand

  10. Chad Mace says:

    well said. I've had a blended swing for years. huge improvement.

    Also, bug thank you. Broke 80 for the first time yesterday. Lots of work to get there. Tweaking the ball location for the driver help eliminate the snap hook. was key… also I putted great.

    Question: I've gotten where I hit a small draw for my drive. I can no longer go back and hit the fade. How make an adjustment to go between draw and fade? Some holes need a different shape.

  11. Derick Higa says:

    Will this work with irons also? I have no problem with transitioning with my driver but my irons are my biggest issue

  12. Brian Brown says:

    Nice to see another Vice player!

  13. Alex how about you explain why everytime you bring out a new technique video you're not building on the previous video's advice? You seem to leave out what you were teaching previously, eg stances etc.does this not make previous lessons null and void? How is it in the space of less than 1 week things change so much? 2 days ago your "Pull it Back" video nowhere to be seen in today's video for example?

  14. Ward1909 says:

    This is it: this is the one. Watched this before my range day today and finally figured out my swing.

  15. My hips have always been a problem. Maybe some dance lessons too

  16. Ken Brown says:

    as I think about it, rather than stopping and starting between backswing and downswing, my driver head makes an arc as it transitions. it really helps me bring it all into one fluid motion.

  17. Ken Lynch says:


  18. Sidney Ko says:

    ❤top instructions 🎉

  19. Shane Jones says:

    I rush the transition all the damn time. I feel like I need to slow the transition down.

    Alex, can you do a video mitigating hitting down on the driver. I have to tee the ball at around 3-wood height to hit it with any power, HELP!!!!

  20. ricksher1320 says:

    Off to the range I go

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