The Weirdest NBA Game Ever! (Warriors vs. Blazers)

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The Golden State Warriors have become a dominant force of basketball. They’ve set records, won championships, and amassed a slew of team and individual achievements. However, there was a time when things weren’t looking so good for the franchise. In fact, the Warriors hold the record for the most seasons without a Playoff appearance, at 35. One of those seasons was in 2010, when the team won just 26 games. However, none of those games were as interesting as the very last…

1. Freestyler provided by AnnoDomination
2. AYYYYYYYYYYYYYY by BenJamin Banger (
3. F**k Yall, Im Goin Pop by BenJamin Banger
4. The Illest provided by AnnoDomination
5. In This Moment provided by AnnoDomination
6. Not Promised Tomorrow provided by AnnoDomination

Some photos by Keith Allison ( Shoutout to Keith for taking awesome photos and making them available for sports creators like us. You rock!


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31 Replies to “The Weirdest NBA Game Ever! (Warriors vs. Blazers)”

  1. NBA CONTENTS says:

    Just watched the video and realized that Blazers always owened by Curry and the warriors

  2. What If more than 10 players get injured and only 4 healthy players left please?

  3. Eric says:

    Watched this video when it came out in 2017. Sorry I didn’t say Good job STB. I also love your other content. Does anyone know why she doesn’t post anymore? 😢

  4. Carlos Roman says:

    That tells you how stupid referees are to this day !! They should have let Devean George play how can they allow an injured player to play ? That’s crazy !!

  5. A says:

    Haha wow i didnt know this ever happend.

  6. The refs are still fucking over the warriors every chance they get too

  7. Steph has had one of the most unusual and entertaining basketball careers ever — from an infamous college game in which the opposing coach was so scared of his shooting he was double teamed every moment everywhere on the floor the entire game, to his improbable NCAA tournament run, to this bizarre game early in his NBA career, to almost seeing his career end multiple times from ankle injuries in those first few years, only to come back stronger despite all the doubters who called his 11 mil/year contract a waste by GS (instead of one of the best team contracts in NBA history), to an unlikely first championship with a rookie coach, to almost repeating after a 73 win season only to lose on a game 7 final minute shot, to eventually winning 2 more rings with a super team having perhaps the 3 greatest shooters in NBA history, only to see the entire core of the team lost to injury and free agency, to then himself lose a season when a 7 foot oaf falls on him and breaks his hand, to losing in the first ever play-in to his arch nemesis Lebron (on another last second shot), to warn the world they'd be back, only to be laughed at and written off by everyone as having zero chances to ever win again, to starting the next season destroying everyone, to having the greatest all-star game performance ever, to then have the entire team injured again to finish the season (and again be written off as not having any chance), to just barely getting everyone healthy and whole for the first time in over 3 years on the first game of the playoffs, to go on and win his 4th ring and first finals MVP, to having more high-light crazy shots in a single season (pick any season of his) than pretty much the entire NBA over its entire history… Steph has been the most entertaining player ever by a mile (who else can fill an arena simply to see his warm-up routine). I feel lucky to have seen the careers of some amazing players in my life, from the bad boy pistons while in HS, to MJ while in college, to shaq and kobe, to Lebron, but the most entertaining player I've ever watched is Steph. Can't wait to see what comes next.

  8. The start of 15 years of Steph terrorizing the Portland Trailblazers. That whole city has to have PTSD whenever Steph's name is mentioned.

  9. Ka LEGENDARY says:

    Thats why steph is so sharp now in a ball game

  10. Owen Gallo says:

    Does anyone no the song starting at 0:44

  11. Tofupimp says:

    This is the funniest game ever!!!

  12. Erwin Quinto says:

    DAMN! Blazers fans were salty AF that night🤣😂😅

  13. Curry has owned the blazers since he was a Rookie 😂😂

  14. Kasey C. says:

    Okay, but if one of the last 5 eligible players got injured at some point in the game, what would happen? Would the Warriors be required to forfeit since they only had 4 players? And, if they would have to forfeit, what would happen if a team fell to only 4 eligible players after blowing the enemy team out (let's say up by, like, 20 with a minute left in the 4th), would they still have to forfeit? Just be given the win? Play out the last minute a man down?

  15. bestkept says:

    Rule stated in 2:41 was a halftime trivia to NBA Live 96.

  16. Step curry is a legendary player never give up

  17. Jonathan 69 says:

    This story of the warriors and curry will age like a fine wine

  18. Jandel C3 says:

    damn no doubt this kid will be the greatest pg of all time.

  19. Daiskeh says:

    What if another player got injured then there will only be 4 of them left lol.

  20. Max Power says:

    Anyone else come back to this after seeing steph get his 4th?

  21. Robin says:

    The Warriors may have the most interesting story of all time. From disastrous injuries, to one of the greatest players leaving, to dissapointments, but finally to NBA champions, held on the shoulders of Stephen Curry.

  22. James Donut says:

    How I wish the same players win the ring for the warriors. They deserved that.

  23. ayo aye says:

    look at curry man so inspirational

  24. king Charles says:

    This is the game I went from a monta ellis fan to a warriors fan.

  25. One of the best NBA stories I'va ever seen…

  26. Rudie Obias says:

    I miss this YouTube channel. 🙁

  27. imagine curry had to get through this

  28. and today the game got cancelled because nuggets does not have enough players 😂

  29. Why she crying i like voice

  30. Jake Logan says:

    Steph been torching the Blazers back then

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