THEMOVE: 2023 Tour de France Stage 9

Lance, JB, and George break down Mike Woods’ incredible victory atop the historic Puy de Dôme climb, which hadn’t been used since the 1988 edition and delivered a great spectacle in its long-awaited return. They go through how the veteran Canadian managed the tricky dynamics of the early breakaway to reel in a devastated Matteo Jorgenson just before the finish line, before discussing the GC battle that played out on the slopes below. Mainly, how Tadej Pogačar is looking better and better as the race goes on and how his small time gains over Jonas Vingegaard will start to become fatal to Jumbo-Visma’s quest to win the overall if they continue through the second and third weeks of the race.

They wrap up the show by going through a difficult stage 10 that awaits the riders following Monday’s rest day.

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32 Replies to “THEMOVE: 2023 Tour de France Stage 9”

  1. D Cox says:

    Here you go, Big Greg, how to pronounce the name: 😂

  2. Merckx bikes were not 30 pounds.. they tampered and drilled their bike parts all around, had tubes, they were around 20, 22 pounds.

  3. sco0tpa says:

    George is a man of the people and us fans appreciate his interaction with the fans.

  4. Riding up Maroon bells a couple years back I was about half way up and Lance was on the front of a group and gave me a nod and a hand wave on his way by. So George it happens nice and polite Lance. Lol

  5. None of this convenient North American talk, this was a Canadian win 🙂 . Interesting, I have never heard a Canadian claim a united states win. Well done Mike, awesome!

  6. douglas gale says:

    O2 greatly improves sleeping at altitude coming from the lowlands of Dallas (that place near Plano). its amazing how much it helps with altitude sickness

  7. @lance sounds like you put your money where your mouth is. How about a Team Uber USA??

  8. Maria Maunez says:

    If teams are impoving things for the riders sleep, can we assume that no one is having to wash out their kit in the hotel sink?

  9. John Gamper says:

    Too funny. Love you three.

  10. I remember being on a plane with George and going to ask for an autograph, which he did willingly and with a smile. The only 'paper' I had was the book I was reading on the plane… Pantani's biography. George looked at it and said; "Oh that's out" and then proceeded to quite me about what it contained… it was a somewhat unreal experience.

  11. Justin Wood says:

    Some tell George it's not Tajay 😂

  12. There's a nice easy bike trail on the old railroad grade in Brainerd, Minnesota. The Brainerd area also has several championship golf courses. Lance would love it if he stayed around for awhile.

  13. What kind of person am I if I’m refreshing this channel for any new videos on a rest day?

  14. John Farr says:

    @Lance – I'll back you on the Roka's I've bought 5 pair and heard about them several years ago here on the MOVE. I bought my son those aviators with Ti frames and blue ice lenses and he looks dope in them.

  15. Come on Gregory, learn to pronounce Tadej's name, he deserves it at this point

  16. How and why did TADEJ Pogačar become Tatchej?

  17. 23:59 George's new pronunciation of Tadej…

  18. Agree with Lance it needs to be the Formula 1 approach.

  19. alain denis says:

    I got pretty high on Mount Kush yesterday ?

  20. Big fan been watching and listening since the beginning, awesome job again this year!

  21. carl owens says:

    The blue steel Rokas would look better on George

  22. tannerslomko says:

    I look forward to this podcast as much as I look forward to each stage.

  23. ktg401 says:

    Lance, there is a super fun bike path that goes around the headwaters. Let me know if you want me to show you around eh?

  24. When I was a kid I thougth only gay people play golf. Today I think: i was right 😉

  25. I read Mark Harmon was voted 'Sexiest Man Alive' in 1986… the fact that George Hincapie hasn't had a nomination yet is shameful…

  26. David Brock says:

    Really missing Johan as part of this group

  27. MarcaoPT says:

    Talk about safety, this is probably the safest ascent the Tour can use.
    Hardly any spectators along the way and not even the slightest hint of acts of craziness.
    Taking a dig at Lance, I am sure that on this one he would probably get his way when it comes to ditching the helmets on mountaintop finishes.
    Disclaimer: I fully agree with Lance on ditching helmets on mountaintop finishes.

  28. How do I age like George Hincapie?

  29. I have no idea what Lance is talking about saying bikes in Merckx's day were 30 lbs. They were heavier than today but definitely still light.

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