This 13 Second Fix Stopped Me From Double Faulting 10 Times Per Match

I had the wrong serve technique for YEARS (without even knowing). Today, We spotted the issue by looking at slow-mo video. It took 10 seconds to fix and has literally changed my entire serve. I feel so much more stable, confident, and able to explode off the ground. I’ve been implementing this leg fix for the upcoming matches and my double fault count has literally dropped like crazy, it’s insane.

On top of the serve fix, I have some clips from a couple hitting and fundamental training sessions.

0:00 intro
1:30 serve fix
2:47 weekly recap

My Story and Why I’m on the Road to 13 UTR

I am documenting how I’m using my software to speed-track my journey to 13 UTR. The software helps players, parents, and coaches to manage expectations and set process-oriented goals while continuously monitoring progress to not only avoid zero growth but to also accelerate the achievement of the player’s goals.

I was born March 15, 1999, in Bham, AL, and started tennis at 4 years old. I’ve trained for thousands of hours, including one year at Sanchez-Casal Academy in Barcelona, Spain my sophomore year of high school. Unfortunately, that’s when my tennis game really stagnated and I only got worse. I redshirted my freshman year at UAB (2017-18) and stopped playing the following year. I started playing league tennis and doing some coaching some months later, but after my NTRP rating was increased, I didn’t have anyone to hit with, so I stopped playing for 2-3 years.

I picked up golf a lot more but found that my cardio had gotten quite out of shape just after turning 24. I had also just started working on this software, so I figured getting back into tennis was a great way to get into the customer’s shoes while also getting back into shape. After some thinking, I decided to set a goal of achieving a 13 UTR to really push myself as a customer that would use the software would and to also see if I could ever achieve my full potential in tennis.

Playing Equipment

1. Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus (with custom weight)
2. Isospeed Long Life + Control 15L @ 53 lbs
3. Wilson white overgrip

Vlog Equipment

1. iPhone 14 Pro
2. Sony a6500
3. Sigma 16mm 1.4 lens
4. Shure SM7B Mic
5. Rode Wireless Go II
6. Rode smartLav+
7. GVM 100W Bi-Color LED Light Lantern Softbox
8. Fositan FL2850 Bi-Color Light
9. Custom-made PVC Camera Mount
10. Tripod with flexible legs & 360* Ballhead mount
11. Arnarkok Metal Phone Tripod Mount
12. K&F Concept 94-inch Tripod
13. K&F Concept 67mm Variable ND Filter


1. Adidas socks
2. Under Armour UAB Team Shirt
3. Lululemon Pace Breaker Shorts
4. Adidas Ubersonic 4


1. Coach: JC Freeman of Inverness Country Club
2. Gym: Amped Fitness in Birmingham, AL
3. Training Program: Powerbuilding by Jeff Nippard
4. Training Program: ATG by Knees Over Toes Guy
5. 36” Pro Form Foam Roller
6. AllvodesBands Resistance Bands
7. Kbands Speed and Strength Leg Resistance Bands
8. Kbands Victory Ropes (300 lbs resistance)
9. Juvale Ladder & Agility Training Kit
10. Crossrope – 1/4, 1, & 2 lbs ropes
11. Gymnastics Power Store Squat Wedge Blocks
12. Gymreapers Lifting Wrist Straps


1. Dr. Berg’s Keto Electrolyte Powder
2. Potassium Pills
3. Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder
4. L-Leucine
5. L-Arginine
6. L-Citrulline
7. Creating Monohydrate
8. Beta-Alanine
9. Himalayan Salt
10. Organic Cocoa Powder
11. Cinnamon
12. Tongkat Ali
13. Fadogia Agrestis
14. Omega-3s
15. Zinc
16. Boron
17. Vitamin D3 (4,000 IU)
18. Vitamin K2 MK-7
19. Vitamin A
20. Super B Complex
21. Vitamin C
22. CoQ10


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  1. I need to stop double faulting 10x per match

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