This 2 SECOND Tip Will Add 30+ Yards To Your DRIVES

To watch Ali Taylor’s video –

I am an Average Golfer and just like you I love to try fixing my golf swing with the help from Golf coaches on YouTube.

So I simply test the tips from the likes of Danny Maude Golf, Alex Elliott Golf, Eric Cogorno Golf, Mr Short Game, Get Good at Golf, Ali Taylor Golf, The Art of Simple Golf, Peter Finch Golf, Rick Shiels and many more channels who provide us with swing tips/golf tips to help us improve our golf.

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12 Replies to “This 2 SECOND Tip Will Add 30+ Yards To Your DRIVES”

  1. This works. I tried it this morning and it works. Longer distance all fairways were hit as well

  2. I did this combined with aligning ball to toe, I found this combination quite effective (one of your earlier testing the tips)

  3. Andy 👍 loving the tips,

  4. Good tip. But one must take a bit of care to avoid tilting the upper body back to the right as many do in order to avoid hitting the ground on the downswing before getting to the ball. Also to keep the trail leg firm to avoid swaying back which will also cause the head to hit the ground before it gets to the ball. And lastly, getting some weight shifted on to the left side to avoid hitting it fat.

  5. David Ree says:

    some golf youtubers speak in complicated golf terms which newcomers don't understand. so thank you for breaking these down. Great video

  6. JW says:

    Great tip !

    Google Rob Benard golf driver tip video.Very similar

  7. John Starkey says:

    Andy it looks like you have a very strong left hand grip am I correct

  8. hbyrdut says:

    A few things you can add is to tee the ball higher, move it a little farther forward than inside left heel and to lower the loft on your driver, as long as you can control it. I gained about 40 yards making these changes.

  9. Good refresher Andy! I now use this driver swing method while adjusting both my driver loft downward (now 9*) with a lighter and stiffer shaft and insuring my chest is pointing slightly more skyward at swing finish. It's added 20 yards to my tee ball. Yea Ali!

  10. Mike Pugh says:

    I watched Ali's video around the same time as the Alex Elliot (John Rahm) video. Both videos have you address the driver well behind the ball. I prefer Alex's set up and lining up the driver toe with the ball, as it helps me have a little more consistent draw.

  11. Another great video. I’m looking forward to trying this drill. If you have a chance in your busy schedule could you show a drill to get rid of the dreaded shank? I’ve developed the shanks especially near the green where the ball shanks to my immediate right. I have almost hit my playing partner’s several times. Thanks!😀

  12. Smudge Smith says:

    I started doing this before my recent enforced break. I found both distance and accuracy improved, In short, I'd pick a spot on the ground 4-6 in behind ball and focus on that point (blade of grass/bit of mud etc) and swinging through that point. Did my best to forget about ball, contact etc and just concentrate on swinging through said point. Love this series and your take on the tips and whether they actually work.

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