This Anti-SLICE Drill Transformed Golfer’s Tee Shots!

This is the anti-slice drill that transformed golfers’ tee shots. Say goodbye to those frustrating slices and embrace a new level of control and accuracy off the tee. Discover the key technique to eliminate slices and unleash your potential on the course. Don’t miss this chance to transform your game – watch now!
0:00 Intro
0:30 The Causes
03:20 Step One
04:22 Step Two
04:57 Step Three
06:05 Outro
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3 Replies to “This Anti-SLICE Drill Transformed Golfer’s Tee Shots!”

  1. TJVBham says:

    Great video, Harry. It is easy to see the incorrect moves this way, but never easy to feel them during the swing. Your explanation and drills are also easy to understand.

  2. Excellent job Harry! Although I am not bothered with a slice, it is always good to see what causes it to happen. Good Job Harry!

  3. David Harris says:

    Thanks for that useful session. Whilst I am not a real slicer I have been messing about with making a good hip turn as my first thought. Turning my lower half first and letting everything else follow on. Started to draw a few drives and make stronger impact with irons. Up until now my sensation has been one piece takeaway then wrist cock then shoulder turn with no thought about what my hips are doing in the takeaway. Now I've stumbled across the opposite, turning from the ground up to get my trail hip really deep. Just feel that may help slices as it seems impossible to throw the club outside the line.

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