This Arm Action Will Give You INCREDIBLE Power in Your Golf Swing!

In this video, Steve shows you the proper role of the arms in the golf swing in order to produce the greatest amount of power and speed through the ball.

Follow these tips and drills to increase clubhead speed, smash factor, driver distance, and have more FUN!
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7 Replies to “This Arm Action Will Give You INCREDIBLE Power in Your Golf Swing!”

  1. would you mind sharing your age with us viewers… just curious. I am a senior golfer. No way I could do that backswing with a rigid or slightly flexed left arm without hurting my lower back and side rib cage. You also appear to be slightly doubled jointed in your arms. I would be on the injury list in no time. IF you can do this…more power to you!

  2. ThrifTeeGolf says:

    This was my problem for awhile, extending the arm after contact would help me hit more draw and less fade. My shoulders would spin out, so I have to always start with half shots extending the arms. The habit has been a journey to break lol

  3. The golfing machine by Homer Kelley would change your understanding of the golf swing. It's worth it. I was maybe the last instructor authorized by Homer Kelley.

  4. Edison Louie says:

    Excellent and succinct analysis! Thank you! Your instruction is always right on.

  5. can you tie this video together with your previous video on the one hand span away from the thighs

  6. Dave Rao says:

    Your fourkay look is marvelous and the lesson essential. I have been doing all you suggest for many years and was still a bogeyman….until last month when you were discussing grip. I went to my playing partner who beats me badly and asked for a grip. He was flattered and after a few swings had me where he wanted. My point can have all the mechanics of the the twelve levers doing their jobs, but if the grip sucks, so will the shot. Thanks for time. Mike would be proud.

  7. Pivoting plays such a pivotal role.

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