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20 Replies to “This DRIVER performed BETTER than Expected | GREAT Value”

  1. Cybek Golf says:

    Looking good. I play the hazardous black stiff with the crossline mid. Similar to that setup.

  2. Mark Passell says:

    Love the adjustment part….real world

  3. Pedro C says:

    Very good review. But not a very attractive driver . That will hold it back. Would be interesting to see what it will push out of the bag formost.

    Clearance price and demo clubs are of plenty so it faces too much competition to make a dent.

  4. Simon Wallis says:

    Great review,nice shape and carry after the final adjustments on the course. I need to do this with my titleist rs driver,which is misbehaving a tad

  5. Really appreciate you MSH!!!😊

  6. What is the build quality like? Do you think it will last? I love the Takomo irons and they seem as premium as much pricier options.

  7. Looks like a solid club pro!!

  8. Great review. As much i like Shields and Robinson, they are much better than the ordinary goofer like me. Hope you get to do the irons. A Stacked Golf review showed them to be longer than his usual. Hope MSH is getting a little piece of the orders generated. Keep up the good info.

  9. Paul C says:

    Another great video ty! I know your a Srixon guy so you can relate…. I purchased a month ago a Cleveland Launcher XL driver for $240 brand new. 12 position hosel. Aesthetically it’s what you like looking at. Quality and performance I’d put it up against any of them.

  10. Bruce Hanna says:

    Great information. Tokomo is an up and coming brand, it seems. That is what Golf Sidekick has started playing as well.

  11. Jody Riegert says:

    After watching this video I found a podcast where the interviewer and you spoke of your background. You were spot on for why golfers like myself enjoy your videos . I was curious about your golf past but you’ve got the credentials which further inspires me to keep pushing on using your methods. Thanks MSH . BTW ( fought flu and back pain but that’s just an excuse) I did play my 4th round since using your principles and 4th round was 3 over my average on that course . I’ll see how I feel Saturday and Monday coming up but I WILL be using your strategies.
    Thanks MSH .

  12. D Hovious says:

    Nice review. Checked and the 10.5 now out of stock it appears.

  13. Awesome driver review 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼very informative. The price point is close to Cobra, wonder if you could do a T driver vs the World?

  14. John Reedy says:

    Nice driver review!

  15. Sounds good. "Hit'em straight "

  16. Klehocky1 says:

    Nice review. I wonder why someone would use the lighter weights? I would think that the heavier weights would put more energy into the ball?

  17. as a mid/high handicapper i think i dont need the best driver! this could be good!

  18. Steve Schwab says:

    Thanks for the review MSH!

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