This Driving Secret Will Transform Your Tee Shots!

If you struggle to hit driver high in the air, but you’ve done everything you’ve always been told… Ball forward, tilt away from the target, tee the ball up, but you still hit it low…

There’s one more thing you need to do and it’s not often talked about. This will be an absolute game changer for you!

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4 Replies to “This Driving Secret Will Transform Your Tee Shots!”

  1. can you do a video of iron to get the ball flight high…

  2. aoa on the radar is 'freuently' down…this is the medicine my swing needs.

  3. Good lesson. I had this issue recently, was hitting down on the ball , but I first thought it was tee height. Figured out the problem myself eventually. Your lesson came too late😢

  4. alex choi says:

    I tend to hang back on all shots– I tried the Faldo tip the other day- try to have your knees "kiss" on the downswing, (when your lead knee rotates, the right knee should try to follow– and your belt buckle ends up facing the target) which helped me a bit. Sort of ended up the same way you did on the good drives. I was hitting longer drives (albeit not towering– I'm 55 and a 12 handicap) and was taking "good divots" on iron strikes.and shot 40 on the front 9 before my legs got tired and limped home with a 44).

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