This Is REAL GOLF – senior golfer vs younger golfer

This is Proper Golf between two REAL GOLFERS! I am a 9 handicap golfer on this golf course and Old Man Pat is a 15 handicapper. We are playing MEDAL over 4 holes where old man pat will have 2 shots taken off his gross score at the end! Who do you think will win this epic match? comment below!

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38 Replies to “This Is REAL GOLF – senior golfer vs younger golfer”

  1. Another very good video with great banter as usual. I do agree that chipping and pitching instruction video would be useful for the majority of golfers

  2. Videos for hackers.

  3. Stole Pats heating allowance , might just frame that fiver Liam .

  4. Rob Harrison says:

    Great putting Liam, OMP does very well, hardly makes a hole harder 👏👍

  5. A Mc says:

    We all love Pat. Top man.

  6. Mike Forbes says:

    He is Always in play, stellar

  7. Omg the legend missed a fairway. Off to bed in shock.❤long live OMP

  8. Malcolm A. says:

    You've got to admire OMP's approach to golf; he is in a class of his own.

  9. Careful Liam… That cratfy OMP is setting you up for a bigger $$ loss Later! 🙂 So much fun watching you two play and banter. Really enjoyable. TY

  10. Gary Turpie says:

    Weird seeing the 🐐getting defeated

  11. Love to have round with these two, if he shuts up 😊

  12. mouse 888 says:

    Great game liam omp 😊 hope we have great game today

  13. first Name says:

    Entertaining beyond measure, thank you, and well done.

  14. Great Match. Waiting in anticipation for your chipping video.

  15. Adil Mahboub says:

    3:50 during the video, and Liam is back at it walking on OMP putting line, I guess things never change Liam

  16. Enjoyed the game Liam & Pat. Liam enjoy your Stag Night, beware they might have surprises for you.

  17. Geoff Floyd says:

    Great video thank you. 👍🏼

  18. John Clarke says:

    Great video Liam… I love OMP, the man is a machine, a class gentleman and never negative always encouraging

  19. i didn"t know grass grows quicker over a bank holiday weekend that"s twice ive heard you say that know so it must be true you learn something new every day lol

  20. Neil Sharp says:

    OMP, golfing royalty

  21. david gray says:

    Liam. Your short game is fantastic. Please give us some tips on pitching and chipping. Particularly on arm and body turning and amount of wrist cock and which is the dominant arm
    Most grateful for your lesson as I have lost my short game??
    Regards Dave. Australia

  22. What an absolute gentleman Pat is. And such a steady golfer. Always a joy watching, You, OMP and EBay Pete play.

  23. Great video again 👍 bet OMP has some great craic off camera 😂😂😂

  24. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays….can't wait for 5pm.

  25. Larry D says:

    Excellent match…nice to see OMP on a Friday…although I imagine it was played earlier in the week!

  26. Hats off to the green keepers.
    Sir Patrick giving you all you can handle. Good win

  27. GunRagDave says:

    Love the respect you always show OMP while playing. He'll take 5 off you next time Liam.

  28. R V R says:

    In my book OMP still won!

  29. Brian Murray says:

    Congrats on the win Liam

  30. Curtis says:

    Pat takes no time, just steps up and swings????? Wish I could, wow….

  31. OMP plays so fast. One swing and then 💥 before his feet are set. Amazing consistency

  32. Velo says:

    OMP = Legend, Liam = Plantpot 🙂

  33. Trey Eakle says:

    short game with Liam i love it !!!!!!!

  34. Steven717 says:

    Hold hold hold 😂 thought you were doing a reenactment of Braveheart there Liam, another great video of the old boy showing us how it’s done love it 👍🏻

  35. Fox Links says:

    Omp playing the back tees w Liam 😆. Would love to have you and Barlow give us your Mental thought process and, and show us how to play the short game shots.👍

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