This Is Such A HARD Golf Shot!!

40 Replies to “This Is Such A HARD Golf Shot!!”

  1. STRID says:

    let's be honest, yea she got a great personality and great skills, but we all watch her cause she is so damn hot and have amazing legs

  2. Mike L says:

    Keep up the over-the-top compliments guys. I'm sure she's just dying to have some dashing prince in the YooToob comments sweep her off her feet.

  3. Russ Ratliff says:

    Routine for me; but i hit the tree, blip comes back off the cart path down the lane and rests behind another tree.

  4. Jacob Bond says:

    Now show me the outtakes, lol

  5. The problem with YouTube golf vids is we don’t know how many attempts were made beforehand.

  6. Very good young video……we encourage you to read the bible ,every day and that we think about what we read and put it into practice.

  7. CHris Spear says:

    Real question. Would that normally be considered out of bounds ?

  8. you should only play golf in you're panties…. DO IT! i dare you!

  9. Glenn Wisse says:

    Sometimes Lady Luck shines down upon you. That’s golf. take the good with the bad. That palm prom smiled and said, I GOT THIS GABBY! Nice shot.

  10. Nikolaev says:

    Too bad you hit the tree. My dad says that’s a stroke penalty. So dumb too, I’ve lost rounds for $ with him bc of that stupid rule. WHY HAVE THE TREE THERE??

  11. Mike says:

    Love the ponytail!

  12. The trouble with your videos is simple. You dress to get hits! Your editing is good. If you did all these shots in one take you would be winning Majors. Stop selling your body for likes.

  13. Mr.Q says:

    I would’ve put it in the hole, black gloves are for 65 and up so take it off

  14. Nice shot. Good thing they were palms and not oaks.

  15. Andrwe Jones says:

    Please stay strong keep safe stay focused keep your faith keep your head up keep your mind clear 🙏 😊

  16. Are you single? Shawwttyyyy whowttyyy

  17. TwistedNick_ says:

    Better than some pros 👀

  18. Great aura ..very cool.

  19. YEAH! You NAILED it Gabby!

  20. For 12 shes pretty good at the game

  21. I also aim at the tree and hope for the best. Great shot! 😂

  22. Palms gave you a break there, otherwise maybe a little strong on downward slope. You are a great influence for young girls wanting to get into golf. 👍

  23. Video starts with left hand pointing to the camera. Every time.

  24. Jeff Scanlon says:

    But did you make the putt??

  25. 🤔🤔🤔The no look & drive, been studying Romanz, Fast & Furious technique, paid off💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷

  26. Beemteam says:

    Great shot but it only worked with the luck of the tree hit

  27. BLackbelt Na says:

    I’d rather get hit in the face with a brick then watch that again

  28. The tree's definitely helped to kill the pace of the ball. Though still a great shot. Is it me or does that bunker look flat.

  29. j h says:

    Gabbygirl vs. Grace Charis? Let's go!!!

  30. HMCPIMPSLAP says:

    How can you not like this young lady?

  31. Anthony Luc says:

    You actually could've hit the ball in the golf, which easily would've been a better shot

  32. Jay Pruitt says:

    I saw you tee it up in the rough!

  33. If you end up there, ain't no way you getting a shot like that on the green.
    -from some1 who's constantly in those situations

  34. TIGER says:

    You have bags of money to practice every day ,this does not help any golfer in the universe ,rich kid with to many millions

  35. mark jeffers says:

    Thankfully Gabby the trees didn't take too much off the strike so it ended up really well ….love your videos and your positive outlook all the time good luck in the future

  36. Dana Chick says:


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