This is the KEY to EVERYTHING in Your Golf Swing!

In this video, Steve teaches you to make a precise motion with the right foot and ankle that will set up great things in your golf swing!

Follow these tips and drills to increase clubhead speed, smash factor, driver distance, and have more FUN!
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10 Replies to “This is the KEY to EVERYTHING in Your Golf Swing!”

  1. James Town says:

    One of Hogan’s many secrets is “running the right knee at the ball” as a downswing trigger.

    For me, that was first of all very difficult to ingrain but now, when consciously applying that thought, it automatically gives me the hip shift to the left that Hogan downplays and helps keep my right heel down until impact.

    It’s the shift that Toski highlights and gets my hips moving right up and then left up like a bell clapper, breaking that barrel, forming that 7th vertebrae to instep “straight” line, etc that Mike wanted.

    Great video, Steve.
    …uhh… been eating a bit too well lately?

  2. At 82 and having played for over 60 years I am still learning how to swing correctly thanks to excellent video instruction like this. Executing proper rotation gets harder with age. I have been doing a lot of work using the practice bays at the PGA Superstore near me in Rockville, MD with their Foresight GC Hawk launch monitors. They also have front and behind cameras that show you on the screen. Seems to me that I usually do that second type of error, turning on the trail toe. I will definitely work on what you are showing here. Thanks so much.

  3. Yep, I can see this!

  4. David S says:

    My favorite you tube instructor

  5. GASSY JONES says:

    Wouldn’t you thing that the misconception of “pushing off” from the back foot motion??? Almost like the trail foot is trying to force the weight forward? I really think that is a huge misconception of using the ground as leverage

  6. David u says:

    My coach has me working on exactly the same….
    If you can master this movement it doe's so many good things in your golf swing…
    Really appreciate your channel 😊

  7. rblessons says:

    First issue describes my right foot. Fighting early extension forever, until seeing this exact problem in a video of myself I made last week. No instructor has ever seen or corrected it for me. It also prevented me from ever being able to get onto the left edge of my left foot. Will work on this for the rest of the year. Awesome video. Thanks Steve

  8. Richard Lowe says:

    Great lesson. Rolling the ankles was one of Jack Nicklaus main drills. Worked pretty good for him.

  9. FireTrace says:

    awesome tip. prevents spinning out as well as early extension.

  10. Benny Campos says:

    Steve – I’ve noticed you do something a little different with your lead foot on the downswing. Is this related to the right foot movement or does it make it easier? Thanks.

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