This Simple TAKEAWAY Drill Will Have You DIALED

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In this video Adam goes over a takeaway drill that will have you dialed. He teaches the proper takeaway sequence with the hands going in while the head of club staying out. By doing this the club will be set perfectly at the top of the swing.

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27 Replies to “This Simple TAKEAWAY Drill Will Have You DIALED”

  1. Azka says:

    dude, your channel is just amazing man.

  2. SD Golf Guy says:

    Best coach I know. Lets go Adam!

  3. Dennis B says:

    Should you use the hip bump with 3 wood, hybrids, and irons?

  4. Hips and Hands! Watching you demonstrate and Adam adjust, is exactly what I needed for it to click. Thank you!

  5. David Fisher says:

    Probably the best video of Porzak Golf I have seen . well done

  6. First time we have seen the weighted club. What’s up?

  7. You just shave 8 strokes off my game. Took this to the range then shot an 81 the next day… previous best was an 89. I’m just over a year into golf and I feel like I have 70s in the bag now. Nothing but clean contact now

  8. Jack Branch says:

    I have only been watching you for a month you have helped me so much thanks, unbelievable

  9. Jenno Vices says:

    Can we do this drill for Driver too?

  10. Can someone please link the hinge video mentioned at 2min 52 seconds ? Can’t get the in video link to work – appreciated folks

  11. I am getting this down now Bro. I can start to feel the benefits of this. Had an epiphany moment on what this does for lag and hands ahead of club head down at impact. BIG DiFF. I have always had problems with compression and lower launch. This makes it automatic and the compression is vastly improved.

  12. Just wanted you to know, your QR code is "disabled", Your work is too damn good for me not to let you know! Thank you for your tips!

  13. McMattyB says:

    Never a doubt these lessons are absolute gems!

  14. Dave Weigand says:

    Unbelievable address position. He is set up for success right out of the gate. Adam’s coaching is always spot on !

  15. Dale Suddeth says:

    absolute great info. makes sense. im taking notes for my 12 yo daughter.. she started HS golf 7th grade in Aug in Greenville SC,

  16. T Bryan says:

    Gold as usual Adam and team! Can I please ask a question about hip bump – I am finding in mirror work that even where I have the bump done correctly at setup, and the slight tilt of upper body away from target, I have a tendency to lose the tilt and the bump during the backswing and end up tilting TOWARDS the target slightly at top of backswing.
    Should the bump/tilt away be kept in place during the backswing with the chest just rotating?
    Thank you!

  17. Why is the allignment stick on the ground not in line with the feet but about 1/2 to one foot away?

  18. sigma stodon says:

    I didn’t understand what “draw in the transition and hard cut at the bottom” means? Can someone explain? As always these videos are pure gold. Not sure they apply to me but I just love watching them !

  19. This drill helped me improve my path. Now I have the club more in front, but have gone from dumped under transition to steep and over the top. Would be interested to see a video on that.

  20. Metta HD says:

    I watch your videos all the time love them and today i hit a shot of a lifetime, I hit my tee shot about 180 in the rough and flushed a 7 iron from 164 yards and it Michael Block slam dunked in the hole for my first eagle 2 this is my 9 month of golf!

  21. ADL9 says:

    I thought you had hairy legs. Lol.

  22. penguinbmx says:

    The hard cut at the bottom is definitely a signature of a pro golf swing. Is this due to holding the face open and swinging left right at impact?

  23. Fantastic explanation. I was sticking my hands out tome after for months it was less noticeable with shorter clubs but with long irons and a driver disconnect lead to some wild shots of the tee. Thank you!

  24. macsupforfun says:

    I really like that feel club out hands in. Great, Now I just gotta sync up my turn.

  25. Tony Moran says:

    Excellent lesson. My Pro tried to teach me this technique as I had a severe in to out swing path but I’ve struggled with it and haven’t been able to get it quite right.
    Your video has explained, in a way I understand, exactly what I need to see and feel to achieve that correct swing path.
    Brilliant!! Thanks.

  26. Thanks – my hands were pushing out – this will help

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