This will FIX your PUTTING STROKE GUARANTEED #golf #golfadvice #golftips #golftechnique #golfswing

6 Replies to “This will FIX your PUTTING STROKE GUARANTEED #golf #golfadvice #golftips #golftechnique #golfswing”

  1. Alex, love your videos and appreciate the pointers. Was looking threw your videos for a good one to start hitting good irons. Can you pin one in reply or suggest one?

  2. Oh the boys are going to love my new putting routine!

  3. Chesties says:

    Love that putter. Cobra putters are underrated imo.

  4. David I says:

    You can also just put two tees and the ball in between

  5. Jdwack says:

    Are you saying your stroke should be an arc rather than straight back and forward?

  6. Great tip/drill! Is that your gamer or are you using the hogan still? Cobra doesn’t get enough credit for their line of putters.

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