This will help you stand the right distance from the golf ball

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  1. If I’m not taking divots, could that mean I’m standing too far?

  2. Funny. I went to a golf pro for a lesson and he told me the exact opposite. Also, Moe Norman is considered one of the best ball strikers and he reaches as far as possible.

  3. Khai Tran says:

    Does this apply to drivers

  4. Seth MacLeod says:

    Working on this!! Even though we’re talking inches/centimeters, it’s absolutely vital for the set up.
    5 fundamentals of golf are all checked before we even take the club back.
    I’m a 5 handicap and I think I’ve been reaching and shying off the ball for too long. I’ve hit it off the toe and with a draw/hook for 5+ years now and I’m ready to make changes at address lol
    I used to slice it like it was my
    Job and then as I got better and started firing my hips the draw came and stayed haha my fade is a 1 yard draw now or dead push.
    Thanks for the this address I look forward to letting my arms hang and be comfortable at address again. Habits aren’t easy to break but knowledge is power!!!
    Thanks man, new sub 👍👍

  5. When I stand that close it’s hossel shank city. How about do what works for you?

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