Tiger Hitting Shots that Prove He is the Greatest Ever

A compilation of rare Tiger shots from recent tournaments that prove why he is the best of all time!
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21 Replies to “Tiger Hitting Shots that Prove He is the Greatest Ever”

  1. Will Stuart says:

    I remember back about… 10 years ago, I invited my wife's brother to a PGA tour event in Ohio. After arriving and getting positioned perfectly at the 3rd hole, the first couple players eventually worked their way to the green for their putts.
    Then…. as soon as the first guy of the day stroked his golf ball, out of nowhere, my normally quiet brother-in-law Yelled …" GET IN THE HOLE.!!"
    Which then, was followed by roughly 130 more identical "cheers", non-stop, throughout the next 4 hours. And I mean NON-tf-STOP …. 😨

    * coming up to the 10 year anniversary of my Divorce… 😏

  2. Brian Smith says:

    None of this is proof of anything but that he played good golf when he had to. He'll still never be the GOAT because Jack is. Tiger pissed away his chances by being a junkie, and damn near killing himself in a car wreck that likely ended his best playing days. He had his chance….and blew it. GOAT's don't do that.

  3. Not showing his fairway bunker shot and ace on the 16th 😂 clown

  4. Tiger those shirts are too long dude!!

  5. John True says:

    Tiger aka Cheetah 😅

  6. Kelly Davis says:

    0:18 seeing Tiger in shorts is so weird😭😂

  7. It was fun watching the Woods fans who had him winning on Thurs. to ask why & how he didn't win on Sun. since 09. The 1 Major win in 2019 was hardly an answer. Tiger affirmed in 09, 12, & 21, that he needed to surpass Jack's 18 to be the GOAT. Small Outlets like this one can cry all the GOAT claims they want, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, others & Tiger affirmed that Jack is the GOAT. If a future golfer wins 14 majors do you know what the golf world shall ask? WILL HE CATCH JACK'S 18 or stay stuck at 14 for 10 years like that Tiger guy did? Not cuts etc. In 50-100 years all will see JN 18 TW 15, the pinnacle record. Some still believe Tiger was better that became a victim of injuries/scandal, but that is CONJECTURE & IT DOESN'T MATTER, as Woods never met the 18/19 majors precondition goalpost set & expected by the golfing world, & the goal that Woods clearly stated he embarked on. "IF" is a hypothetical scenario that is never an * in the record books. Wins are not ASSUMED, they are won & TW won 0 majors in 03-04 when healthy. If a 6 was 9 = 0. In 2012 Woods stated he is 2nd on the all time list for "I am 4 majors back". In 2021 he affirmed he is not the GOAT. If H. Aaron died a week before before he broke B. Ruth's record, who would have had the all time record in 1975? Ruth! Why? No * in the record books! Spare me the 82 wins, for Snead held that record for decades (still tied) & no one ever called Snead the GOAT, it was Jack, as he held the MOTHER OF RECORDS. Marino held almost every record yet Montana was the GOAT QB because of the 4 SB’s, now it's Brady with 7. Anyone can cherry pick out a stat as Jack still has records, but the mother of golf records trumps all. Woods was PROJECTED to be the GOAT from 01-16 & that generation is not going to stop their GOAT claim after 15 years! What you are seeing right now is shell shocked generation still claiming that SHALL FADE! In 50/100 years all will see JN 18 TW 15! Bigger field, injuries, hypothetical if's, will not be asterisks in the record books!

  8. VP Test says:

    It's so much talent! I'm improving my game by using Golf Kinetics

  9. Tony S says:

    If these modern players had to play with the equipment of 50 or 60 years ago, they would not be able to play half the shots they do now.

    Unlike tennis where fitness of the opponents has negated some of the power increase from new racquet construction, the same cannot be said about golf.

    The "middles" on Tennis racquets are literally twice as big as forty years ago and similarly golf clubs now are incomparably more powerful than in the past.

    I Would love to see these top modern players, play just one round with a set of 50 or 60 year old clubs and then we would see how great they are.

    It might give them a real idea of how good the players in the past were.

    Golfers are playing the same courses now with a massive equipment advantage.

    So I would still give the greatest title to Nicklaus.

  10. MumsterCS says:

    The fact that most of these shots were draws when his most comfortable shot is a fade should tell you something.

  11. Mario says:

    lol at all these peopleish comments

  12. Jacob Steele says:

    There was a man once, he was a man that won more majors then any man ever had then or since. He is kown as the Golden Bear, that man is named Jack. He is the best ever. Maybe?

  13. Jack is the GOAT …. He drove the ball 330 yards with inferior equipment and ball . He had all the shots that you are watching on this video . He has 48 top 3 finishes in majors compared to Tigers 24 … and once again JACK beats Tiger in Majors wins 18-15 ….. JACK NICKLAUS is the GOAT hands down . The only ones saying Tiger is the goat are this generation . Just like they try and say LeBron is better than MJ which is HILARIOUS they think that . MJ is FAR superior than LeBron

  14. Coophandluke says:

    I guess jack never hit these kind of shots??

  15. Peter Chalk says:

    Tiger was absolutely awesome great. The 2nd best golfer ever. A pure joy to watch in his prime but yes, obviously 2nd best.argue if you like but, stats don't lie, it's like saying for whatever reason Brady is not the g.o.a.t.

  16. Jack Nicklaus without a doubt. 18 major wins and 19 second place finishes in majors. That's 37, Tiger is at 15 and 7 for a total of 22. Nicklaus won the masters at 46! Oldest by far to do this. Perhaps the biggest thing overlooked by many is who Nicklaus and Woods competed against. Jack's three primary rivals were Tom Watson, Gary Player, Arnold Palmer. These are 3 of the top 10 players of all time. Woods best competition was Mickelson who is a wash since Jack played against Lee Trevino who would be about the same as Phil. Attitude and sportsmanship is a no brainer, Tiger is not liked by the older traditional golfers due to his lack of etiquette and manners on and off the course. Jack is a true gentleman and the best ambassador the game has had.
    If Ben Hogan had played in as many tournaments as either of these two and not suffered a near fatal car accident in the prime of his career Hogan would most likely have been the best of all time. If you take into consideration wins per appearance and the quality of competition each player faced in their career Tiger would be struggling to make it in the top 5. Considering golf is a game of manners and character, Woods shouldn't be mentioned in the same conversation as the greats. John Daly and Happy Gilmore are better comparables;)

  17. Ian Pattison says:

    Sorry he is not the best ever, doesn’t matter how much hype is thrown, majors and titles plus time as a winner clearly shows that “The Golden Bear” Jack Nicklaus holds that title. It seems a modern custom to claim of have claimed for you descriptions and titles that you are not entitled to, Serena Williams being another example saying she has the most major singles, bollocks, any one with an IQ in reasonable figures knows that is Margaret Court.

  18. I remember Sunday afternoons when Tiger was in the hunt – Must See TV.

  19. agordianknot says:

    Yes sir, Tiger knows how to get in the hole a lot of different ways.

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