Tiger Woods Legal Drama Unfolding

Matt Adams reacts to the latest news from the Tiger Woods legal drama surrounding a former girlfriend


11 Replies to “Tiger Woods Legal Drama Unfolding”

  1. I agree with Matt who cares if someone gets some pics of tiger eating dinner somewhere with Rory. If he wants to not live life to not give others the satisfaction of a star on the street picture, it’s on tiger.
    Now I will say Robert De Niro is not at tigers level, few are, not even sure Jordan is at that level. I out tiger only with Michael Jackson and the Beatles for crazed fame.

  2. Maxbps says:

    Hilarious = comparing Robert DeNiro to Tiger Woods. That is HILARIOUS.

    And as for dinner, Tiger's point was he can't just pick a restaurant and go. It takes preparation and he can only go to a few restaurants that have back entrances and private rooms.

  3. Lars says:

    He still has not addressed his addiction problem. He is addicted to whatever he was on when they found him behind the wheels passed out and whatever he was on when he crashed his car early in the morning when he screwed up his leg.

  4. Paul J Cross says:

    Tiger is about Tiger..and thats it…thats the way it is

  5. Jared says:

    What is the context of this video?? Wtf. Lol maybe open it up with th background of what’s going on??

  6. David Bedell says:

    Getting worried about you, Matt.

  7. 3 Putt says:

    Whatever! I think there a few more important things going on in the world than this.

  8. Jimmy Culp says:

    Tiger has about 3 friends? Roey maybe 4? Whenyou got that much $$$$$$$$$$$$, who needs friends? When you feel lonely, go buy something, very NICE!

  9. George Wyatt says:

    Tiger and women … well that's not the greatest story.

  10. Angel Matos says:

    Tiger should sue for money harassment 😂

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