Titanic II – JonTron | RENEGADES REACT

SECURITY BOOTH: Directors Cut (Part 2) | Scaredy Kate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wHiDpdF3ng CHECK OUT OUR …


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  1. SECURITY BOOTH: Directors Cut (Part 2) | Scaredy Kate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wHiDpdF3ng

  2. Brentenjs550 says:

    20:53 He really does not like fat jokes, does he?

  3. PhoenixShark says:

    If China, a country of fake recreated landmarks can't rebuild the Titanic…then nobody can

  4. DCF says:

    25:30 your math there wasn't good. you should've done £7 1912 to 2023 inflation, wich results in about £1,023, and then £ to $ 2023, which is about $1,305. But the point still is the same!

  5. From an Australian, that drunk accent was not bad at all.

  6. Luke Amp says:

    The Yu Yu Hakusho shirt is funny because Nate's "drunk Australian" sounds exactly like Chu in the dub.

  7. Oh you know you’re a terrible reporter when you’re making me side with the billionaire 🙄 Jesus fuck, that guy was so obviously biased against Clive it was genuinely painful to watch.

  8. JoshL117 says:

    Actually, a first class ticket was "up to" £870, £7 was for third-class.
    "The most expensive first-class ticket on the Titanic was believed to be $61,000 in today's time, costing $2,560 in 1912. … The average cost of a first-class ticket to board the Titanic was about $400 ($5,000 in today's money). The cost of an inflation-adjusted first-class ticket on the original Titanic is $105,129 per person."

    Brave Summarizer

  9. Korrikatti says:

    I wanna read about this Finnish family but can't find any news articles about it

  10. 19:33 Was half expecting A Sneako joke.

  11. Finn Tesla says:

    Now if it was just rich folks on the boat, and it traveled the same path, ending the same way, it would kind of hilarious

  12. Good to see 60 Minutes is just as trash over in 'Stralia as it is here in the states.

  13. your some of the best youtuber I know

  14. 29:42 well nate answer the question

  15. If he is going to make a replica of the Titanic, at least modify it to fix the issues that caused the first disaster.

  16. MudfishNick says:

    Sam O'Nella released a new video, guys!

  17. FriesShake says:

    He’s probably being held hostage and the only way they let him go is if he uploads 5 videos in a year which would be a world record lol

  18. I think most people coming into this would think, "It's time to make fun of another rich guy."
    But turn out the dude was perfectly fine and just want to make a cool project with his money. It's the journalist/interviewer who is the focus for ridicule for being. Such. An. Asshole.

  19. racerman122 says:

    Hell yeah Nick rocking that Type O Negative shirt lets goooooo!

  20. Yeah, let's just let the original Titanic rest happily down on the ocean floor.

    Along with with what's left of the Titan.

  21. Jay DeLeon says:

    y'all ever heard of the Movie for Titanic II though?

  22. 22:48 sounds like they finish the problem

  23. Huks says:

    24:40 You need to adjust for inflation before converting it to dollars because the pound has a different rate of inflation. The ticket would cost $836.

  24. Alijah G. says:

    It won’t crash. Totally won’t, what are you talking about?

  25. ??? says:

    Reaction starts at 2:48

  26. Brandon G says:

    0:00 gotta love that southern hospitality

  27. Exia Prime says:

    This project has been going of for years

  28. Starkill8 says:

    At this point the Titanic is to Jon like Fnaf is to Mat.

  29. Darrin Root says:

    Honestly Clive palmer looks like if Jay Leno put on a couple pounds

  30. I think the only other subject that Jon has made as many videos about, and more, has been his Starcade. (Which it’s been over a year since y’all reacted to the 4th episode of)

  31. I remember that fanmade trailer.

  32. I can’t help but wonder why he didn’t think making a Titanic II was asking for trouble.

  33. WA5D says:

    This video is a winner!

  34. jontron woke up early!

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