Titleist T-350 2023 Robot Review

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Check out Cool Clubs’ independent club review using data from their in-house robot ‘Pepper’.

More reviews to come on drivers, shafts, irons, and eventually woods and hybrids… Stay Tuned!

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5 Replies to “Titleist T-350 2023 Robot Review”

  1. Jake D says:

    I was on the fence about the T300 last year but with the T350 being forged and looking better, these are a no brainer. From previously using Wilson D9 to P790 iron sets, I’m hoping these will be a perfect in between club that will make golf more enjoyable for me.

  2. Snowman9K says:

    Is it reasonable to test 1/2 inch below the sweet spot? That’s really thin. I can see testing 1/2 inch heel and toe.

  3. Follow Media says:

    that 30yd spread is just yikes. if the testing methodology is to be trusted this is unplayable except as a driving iron

  4. Ski 350 says:

    15 HC here. How would you compare to ZX4 MKII as far as height and descent? High 70’s 7 iron swing speed. Great review guys!

  5. Bryan Kim says:

    The consistent theme i’m seeing with these game improvement irons is that they all have super wide distance gaps btween center and off center hits.
    They may be more forgiving left to right, but more punishing w carry distance, compared to a player’s/tour iron. It’s almost as if the primary goal of GI iron is to send it far rather than be more forgiving!

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