TITLEIST T-SERIES FITTING // Ian gets fit for the new series

Follow along as Ian gets fit for the NEW TSeries at Titleist. Get Ian’s initial thoughts on the look, feel, and performance of the iron line.

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada


34 Replies to “TITLEIST T-SERIES FITTING // Ian gets fit for the new series”

  1. Steve S says:

    I got the 505 with the la golf shaft in the 2 and 3 irons. My 3 wood and 3 hybrid are long gone

  2. Kevin Meeks says:

    For me at 62, mid-handicapper, with a driver swing speed of about 90-92 mph the T350 in the long and mid irons and maybe the T200 in the short irons could be a good fit.
    Anxious to try these out and see how they do for me. Very good looking irons.
    But can they knock out my PXG O312p and xp Gen3 irons from my bag? Only time can tell. 😊

  3. Hard to argue with Titleist marketing. They’re the best with brand management and it helps when your irons are as beautiful as these. I’m going to hang onto my current set for a few more years and stop upgrading so frequently.

  4. brian says:

    The BS talking points on new clubs is getting so annoying. It’s a piece of forged steel people not to mention with regulations on grooves and things. It’s all the same shit

  5. Paul Bown says:

    I will certainly test the t100 irons but have to say the sole looks quite chunky

  6. John Eden says:

    I’d love a fitting with JJ 🤌

  7. Excellent video, Ian. Very informative and thought-provoking at the same time. Thanks.

  8. J Wild says:

    I know I’ve mentioned something similar in another video but I think it’s very well worth mentioning in this fitting.

    When your using a titleist fitting head and fitting shaft it is essentially a soft stepped version of whatever your testing unless you’ve tipped the shaft about 1/2 inch which they don’t do. So keep that in mind. A standard 7 iron x100 (or any other shaft) in a standard fitting head will play as a softstepped x100. That’s the results you will get that’s the flight and that’s the stiffness and feel.

  9. Taro says:

    Shipping my clubs back home. If they explode. I’m getting 100s or 50s

  10. I always hate that though. "We already have a T350 3 iron in play on Tour". But can we buy that? No

  11. KMurf says:

    i took my like off, the number was 666 , 665 now ,superstitious on the course too,

  12. Billybastar says:

    Only god and Ian can hit a 1iron😂😂😂😂

  13. Zach Heisler says:

    When is Mikey’s video coming

  14. Getting fit for new irons AGAIN? This dude has more problems than the most extreme switcher I've played with.

  15. dimark ines says:

    1 point for the irons team. Took a hybrid out of someone’s bag 😛

  16. dimark ines says:

    Marni in the background 😂

  17. Got fit last year for 100S. Interested to go hit the 150 to see if it can help my toe miss a touch better and maybe be a touch softer. Love that they look closer to the 620s.

  18. Ape index says:

    Key takeaway from this video: I should build a raport with PGA tour clubfitters over multiple fittings so they can learn my tendencies.

  19. Not looking to replace my i210s but if I was the T150s would be high on my list, although would love to try the T200s for a 5i and maybe a 6i – only problem is that would not be possible with my local fitters as they only have one test club for each set. I think Titleist will need to send out 5i, 7i & 9i in each set to fitters if they are serious about pushing blended sets

  20. 200/350 combo for this 5-handicap. Can’t wait.

  21. Callaway and Titleist both focusing on turf interaction this year

  22. Lovely looking irons

  23. Andrew Breen says:

    If only golfers scores would drop after all this hype….it’s simply rubbish $$$$$$

  24. golf007sd2 says:

    Ian you sure hit a tone of shot….well done. Now, given that "turf integration" was brought up so much during the fit…how will fitter address such matter given indoor fitting on mats. I would argue that much of such conversation is diluted when hitting mats thus the ball data would be off….thoughts?

  25. J2K2A says:

    Can't be calling it CEO and Founder anymore.

  26. Thinch says:

    So what’s the yardage gap from PW to your 50? A bit curious why straight to 150 and not much time spent on the T100?

  27. Steve Mullin says:

    disappointed to see the TXG brand gone. This channel immediately lost credibility under the corporate brand.

  28. dudosmokokos says:

    Outstanding! I’m excited to try the new lineup.

  29. its so dumb to test and compare differnces in club without making the lofts the same.

  30. tackfire27 says:

    Is this TXG channel or club champion channel

  31. TheJayLi says:

    What Swingweight did the whole set end up at??

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