Titleist Trufeel GOLF BALL review

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19 Replies to “Titleist Trufeel GOLF BALL review”

  1. Dougie Reid says:

    Another great video, thank you, I think the temperature has the most impact on what ball we use. I use the Trufeel in the colder months, softer greens so less spin doesn't make any difference and Prov in the warmer months when the greens are firm and spin is required to keep the ball on the green. Otherwise both balls go approximately the same distance. In the fall it is way more economical to play Trufeel while playing in the leaves…

  2. I switched to the TruFeel for the lower compression, the lower spin helps for a straighter ball flight, this is a great help with my slice lol I love it, the compression matches my slower swing speed!

  3. H says:

    That 7 iron distance and spin drop off puts me off this one. I think there's better out there in a similar price range .

  4. Jarhead 767 says:

    I wonder how the Tru Feel compares to the Q Star

  5. hb says:

    Longest shot I ever hit was with this ball, 358 yds. This ball is a bit harder than the Truesoft, which it replaced, and its like its big sister AVX in disguise, only flies a wee-bit higher. It differs in the cover, but still spins on the greens alright. I love it!

  6. Thanks MSH, I have used the True Feel in the past. If I remember, I thought the ball really felt nice coming off my irons. I can't think of anything bad about them, well maybe they don't float so well. Liked them, but really liking the Bridgestone e6. Peace.

  7. Mr Kipling says:

    Good review. Seems a decent ball.

  8. Gil says:

    Seems to fit your game well!

  9. Nice review. I like this ball but I find it a little shorter off the tee than V1 and I need all the help a can get. Thanks

  10. Rusty Putter says:

    Good ball,good review,enjoy your channel.

  11. Rusty Putter says:

    Good ball,good review,enjoy your channel.

  12. Joe says:

    Thank you for the review. Great job!!

  13. Yes, I think shooting a good round encourages me to use that same ball. (My last outing was unexpectedly good and can't wait to play that ball again) "Hit'em straight "

  14. Thank you for the review! I recently bought a dozen, but haven’t had the chance to play. Looking forward to trying them out. Do you have a video on chipping technique? Take care!

  15. I'm confused. Isn't the Titleist Tour Speed more appropriate for you?

  16. Zazhou says:

    Excellent ball for moderate swing speeds!

  17. I saw a few test views on these balls. They performed very well! Thank you

  18. John Surlet says:

    Always has been my ball of choice during the winter months in Texas, due to so many leaves on the ground and cooler temps. Love the channel…keep up the great work!

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