Top 10 Catches Of The Decade (2012-2019)

The 10 catches from the first decade of the AUDL! Presented by Deschutes Brewery (

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About the AUDL:
The AUDL is the premier professional ultimate frisbee league in the United States and Canada. The fastest growing sport and professional league on the continent, the AUDL is broadcast live weekly on throughout the summer months, showcasing the best athletes in the sport to an international audience. During the 2020 season, each of the league’s 22 teams will play 12 regular-season games to determine which is eligible for the playoffs.

The AUDL is composed of the following clubs: Atlanta Hustle; Austin Sol; Boston Glory; Chicago Wildfire; Dallas Roughnecks; DC Breeze; Detroit Mechanix; Indianapolis AlleyCats; Los Angeles Aviators; Madison Radicals; Minnesota Wind Chill; Montreal Royal; New York Empire; Ottawa Outlaws; Philadelphia Phoenix; Pittsburgh Thunderbirds; Raleigh Flyers; San Diego Growlers; San Jose Spiders; Seattle Cascades; Tampa Bay Cannons; Toronto Rush.

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12 Replies to “Top 10 Catches Of The Decade (2012-2019)”

  1. Shep says:

    The throws are underrated

  2. Kent Tan says:

    #3 isn't that a dangerous play by the defender? Flying towards his space

  3. Sick catches. Much respect.

  4. #5 Is actually what I dislike about the AUDL. Typical huck and pray.

  5. Bonus Baby says:

    1:051:13…Make the incredible catch. Get up & act like you've been there before. Show respect to the defender. Toss the frisbee to the ref & continue the game. No barking. No hip gyrations. No taunting. Class act & sportsman right there.

  6. crazyskierWP says:

    Whats the name of the song??

  7. That #1 ohhhh, nice!

  8. 3:30 – Haaland is Dortmunds Jay Froude

  9. rainsweeps says:

    Those slides and dives
    SSSsssshhhhooooo !!!!!!

    Loves ❤️

  10. Jake Truong says:

    I think the viral pancake catch by Rowan should be on the list too

  11. Miles Wong says:

    alternate title: layouts that didnt make it into top ten layouts

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