Top 10 Most COMFORTABLE Sneakers of 2023

Grab a pair of APTHCRY Socks!

Grab the shoes that are featured in the Top 10 Most COMFORTABLE Shoes of 2023 video!

New Balance 990v6

Adidas UltraBoost Light

Hoka Bondi X

Nike Pegasus 40

Brooks Glycerin 20

On Running Cloud Surfer

Nike Vaporfly 3

New Balance 1080v12

Asics Gel Nimbus 25

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run 3

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47 Replies to “Top 10 Most COMFORTABLE Sneakers of 2023”

  1. Hyper Horse says:

    New Balance is fugly.

  2. Jack says:

    why on earth would you buy 250 dollar elite marathon running shoes to walk in them

  3. Zuls says:

    im really hoping they make a vegan version of the new balance 990v6

  4. Why am i not surprised you picked a nike for number one 🤦‍♂️

  5. omar jibrel says:

    I have Nike, Adidas, Hoka, but I guess I should try ASICS and on running the nimbus looks amazing

  6. Keith Chiu says:

    台灣買得到嗎? 心動

  7. KENNETH GAN says:

    my fav is skrechers, very comfortable and inexpensive.

  8. MarkBrand says:

    Thanks for the paid promotion

  9. Kevin Chang says:

    Just ordered a pair of the Nike Zoom Fly 5. Can’t wait to try them out for running. Been using ultra boosts which is super comfy but probably not the best for running.

  10. SuperNYC says:

    I just need to know the best shoe if I’m gonna be walking/running around in theme parks for 3 days straight

  11. The Nike Vaporfly is great as a race shoe but horrible as a walking/everyday shoe due to low durability and the full length carbon plate

  12. second video watching from your channel. Subbed! I watched your vapor max video and twas an enjoyable experience. Content creation done right!

  13. Jei. Massive says:

    The asics wins hands downi have 2 pair, they are the way to go!!

  14. No_Consent says:

    Anyone know if the foam runners are more comfortable than these shoes?

  15. a says:

    I am looking for comfortable shoes for walking, standing, and suitable for travel. They recommended the types according to the best😢

  16. a says:

    are All these for normal arch foot ?❤

  17. Confused on the inclusion of the Bondi X over the regular Bondi model as the X includes the plate

  18. hassy g says:

    all these cloth sneakers are rubbish for colder climates and rain stick to leather

  19. New Balance 1080v12 and Nimbus 25 have a compelling different feel. New Balance 1080 had cushion but no energy return, feels kinda dead. The Nimbus 25 had crazy good energy return.

  20. A question has to be raised: comfortable for what??? As for running yes but for daily wearing regular shoes not at all? The biomechanics to compensate for shock loading in running mode is detrimental in walking mode as the cushion absorbers of shock annihilate the motion sensors of the foot and not allowing foot muscles to work properly. For example on flat shoes with a good cushiony insole is an excellent and very comfortable shoes to walk with full foot muscle activation ( massage principle) and much cheaper.

  21. Seth, I'm a 12-12.5 sneaker size, what size Apothecary socks would you recommend?

  22. Good video Seth, just one thing, Asics Nimbus 25 should be 1. The Nike Inv. 3 has a poor quality upper vs Asics and even vs Nike Invi. 1.

  23. CW4PWR says:

    Topo Athletic needs to be on your list. I have several of the shoes in the video but I'll take my Topo's over any of these.

  24. Rocker shoes do more harm than good

  25. Carlos says:

    What would be best for waking??

  26. Preston Val says:

    Wide footer here 🙋🏿‍♂. Hoka Clifton 8, 9, Bondi 8 and New Balance990v6 and 1080 v12 have been the best feeling shoes for me. Nikes cause blisters on my feet.

  27. Wade Goggin says:

    Nike has turned to junk.. they fall apart. The glue does not last. I have 2 pairs that are less than 6 months old and the seams are coming apart and separating already. I wish could say it was just that one series of shoe but its been like that for years.

  28. Airbrushkid says:

    What a waste of my time. Adidas and Nike. I wear 13 XX Wide and neither of them make them.

  29. I go about 3 miles per day with half of it walking, the other half a light jog. Which of these (or other) would be best for that?

  30. Nike vaporfly 3 Bro you can‘t stay straight on These shoes

  31. GL4SS says:

    Invincible Run looks great I just wish they didn’t put that swoosh on the toe box ☹️

  32. Which one of these will I get the most hours out of? Standing and walking and stuff

  33. B_roon90 says:

    Lol why did you do the Bondi x and not the Bondi 8 if you are doing just cushion the 8 doesn’t have a plate

  34. Jorge Luis says:

    Yea Bro I run about 15/20 miles a weak.. Altra is the Best shoe out there

  35. I really like the Saucony Endorphin Pro. Where do they fit as far as comfort?

  36. I bought myself new Nikes but they are very slippery

  37. lupeee says:

    if a carbon plated shoe is listed as 4th i KNOW this is got to be one of the dumbest videos ill ever see. not only does it weaken your foot over time, it's not even comfortable to walk in. it takes you out of your natural stride by propelling you forward. dumb video seth. do better.

  38. HARSHIT NATH says:

    How about the Saucony Triumph 20. I find that shoes competing against asics gel nimbus 25 and new balance 1080v12

  39. Dangic23 says:

    Hoka is the OG of comfort

  40. Dangic23 says:

    This guy thinks that the most generic looking shoe on the list#10 New Balance, is the best looking shoe.

  41. Faustonauta says:

    990 are horrible. They are not ugly but the following.

  42. Sundevil0003 says:

    Not having any Saucony Endorphins on this list tells me the “comfort” is for walking and standing, not actually running. 😂

  43. I know my man didn’t say the Vaporfly, shits not meant for walking and you can tell

  44. Elise Bellew says:

    Hi Seth : ) I really enjoyed your video! I am having trouble with my shins with a suspected stress fracture in the front, and I have been trying to find some sneakers that don’t elevate the heel, as that seems to put more stress on my shins… I’m currently trying out the Brooks Glycerin 20 and even those have too much lift in the heel… which ones should I try next? I’m not a runner… but have been living in running shoes for years because of chronic foot pain… Thanks so much!

  45. Andrew Scott says:

    These aren’t just every day shoes; they are running shoes and some are specific to racing like the Vaporfly. It’s super cringy to see someone wearing a vaporfly or other plated shoe for everyday comfort wear. I’d suggest a change in your title to “Top 10 Most Comfortable Running Shoes of 2023”.

  46. What about durability? can ANY of those shoes sustain 3 hours of soccer a day for example? I am working in a school and its really hard to find shoes who are good for my feet but also manage the stresstest..

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