Tour Pros Make Low Handicaps Look Like Hackers

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31 Replies to “Tour Pros Make Low Handicaps Look Like Hackers”

  1. Chris Gatti says:

    Matt, I love Mo's putting could you describe his routine and stroke type?

  2. Great video. Is Mo wearing the English gentleman top hat version of the bucket hat!?

  3. Hi Mat,
    really nice Game !!!

  4. Dustin Reed says:

    0:44 i'm surprised there were so many owls out on the course!

  5. This guy's swing is amazing I just don't get it. He never seems to leave the ball. Impact seems assured.

  6. Pro Mo is so good. His putting is spot on. What tour is he playing on this year? Maybe another round of fund raising. Another $30K would take some pressure off and help get a win or two.

  7. Thuthu says:

    4:44 Sounded like "Yeyi" LOL!!

  8. Mu Ravi says:

    This is one of the best golf you've played in a long time Matt.

  9. Greg says:

    Mo looks better than ever. I think his glorious man gives him super powers.

  10. Jack Kinoff says:

    I remember watching the video you done with Eric on your Driver recently and he was talking about you hitting balls on the trajectory of tour players

    When you tee off and Pro Mo does the trajectories are similar

  11. Your vids are far more entertaining than tour broadcasts – better commentary, more relatable to the amateur – good stuff.

  12. Chris Earle says:

    Pro Mo…. WOW! 😮😮😮

  13. Pierrr says:

    Feel your pain Matt. This is basically me and my mate. He’s off +1, and me 5. It’s equal parts demoralising and admiration.

  14. Pierrr says:

    Difference between a pro… I think you mean The Pro. 👌

  15. Need a compilation video of Pro Mo Sounds.

  16. jimmy bondoc says:

    Mo is great! Generous and light. More with him, brother

  17. Digging the format brotha. Straight to business.

    m̫̗̺̆̍͂ͦ̕u͍̻̪̩ͣ̄̏c̦̗̞͍̽̒̈̈̐̃ͩh̡̬̬͑͑ ̪̱ͬ̒͗̓ͭ͊͐l͕̤̻̘͍̫͖ͯ̉̀ő̌͌͊̿͒̚͏̥͕̲͎̲̖v̤̰͔̯̞͍̍ȅ̂ͮ̂͏̰̙̦̬


  18. Would love to play with you guys at Gassan whenever you’re in chiang mai next time. A member and a 7 handicap from the tips.

  19. rjh says:

    I miss your opinions and assessment of particular shots, but I understand the need to cut those out when covering 2 different players. Overall, amazing video. Please keep the content coming as long as you are enjoying it.

  20. Lach D says:

    Superb round by Mo, goodness me

  21. Matt says:

    No intro, no outro. Hilarious and amazing, just great golf.

  22. Would be cool to get Mo on the pre shot what he’s thinking club choice green brakes etc. great content playa’s

  23. Skumtomten1 says:

    @9:10 "Finally one solid shot." Meanwhile being 6 under after 11

  24. G P says:

    You look like youre swinging freer than I've ever seen! The score will reflect it very soon. Yay Team True Takomo!

  25. Daniel Owen says:

    My 2 hero's back together… I will watch this 5 times..

  26. Matty booms, I feel like your lead arm looked much lower on your chest than normal, almost like old school Rickie Fowler. Doesn't seem like your normal swing.

  27. Wow is no one going to mention that tap in from at 9:00 mark? i'd never

  28. aviatorAW says:

    The more Mo the better. Watching the momentum of his full swing build through impact is inspiring. He has the perfect metronome in his brain and the body to deliver.

  29. Incredible. Mo's "bad shot" is equivalent to my worldie 😂

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