Trump leaves New Jersey golf club en route to Washington, DC

Trump has left his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, about three hours before his scheduled court appearance in Washington, DC.

He is expected to enter a not-guilty plea before a magistrate judge during the arraignment.

The former president earlier said he was on his way to the US capital “to be arrested”.

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13 Replies to “Trump leaves New Jersey golf club en route to Washington, DC”

  1. AR-PxP says:

    Everybody gets a mugshot, Donald Chump should be no different. They just don't want the image circulating. 😂

  2. Barbara Fox says:

    Biden is also corrupt so is Bush, Obama, Clinton’s, FBI, CIA, DOJ all are corrupt even Kennedy he is the worst- well after Biden. Research Maureen Callahan at the HuffPost article about Kennedy , so yeah we the people are screwed because there isn’t anyone that really represents us we the people

  3. adstix says:

    Will all those bodyguards also hang around him in jail? Just curious 🤔

  4. is there ever a time he's not golfing. even during his presidency. anyway, here's to coming justice in america 🍻

  5. D R says:

    It's a good thing because wealthy people like him did nothing when the cabal persecute and rob poor people through their fake justice and evil officials…
    Now maybe people like him will understand what is really going on for decades, although I'm not holding my breath.

  6. TCell says:

    Now do the same to biden,obama,clintons and hilary

  7. Swiftflight says:

    Lula's conviction was annulled. These are not comparable.

  8. Rose says:

    Finally the justice system is actually beginning to look equal on the rights of people. Rich or poor, if you break the law you should go to jail no matter who you are.

  9. Trump 2024 🇺🇸 ❤

  10. losing my hope in US's Justice system for the rich

  11. Qayyum khan says:

    Support Morocco salaam from India ❤️

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