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Is Trump heading for the White House or the Big House? Will mounting legal woes dent his status as Republican frontrunner? Also, the struggles and scandals of Hunter Biden and a check-in on the 2024 presidential campaign. Join Chas and John as Planet America returns for an all-new season! Planet America 8pm AEST | ABC NEWS


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  1. Mike Tran says:

    Btw there's also the Georgia elections fraud too.. soon to be announced.

  2. Mike Tran says:

    Big Crypto is after Trump because he's hustling into the NFT business.. he's such a big NFT sales man that they have to get rid of him. There's not enough room for a new scammers in the crypto scene.

  3. Giving money to Stormy to hush her up is not illegal, it's where the money came from that is the problem. As a person doing business in New York he should know that commingling funds can very rapidly turn into a felony indictment. He knew that what he was doing was illegal and did it anyway.

  4. roleat says:

    Biden cheated

  5. Trump is either Delusional or a Liar…… My thoughts…. he's GUILTY!

  6. OktaFierce says:

    Wait till you lot get a load of Hillary Clinton's and Democrats election result denials and attempts to reverse the results from 2016… oh wait, its ok when our side does it, amiright?

  7. Matt Hoskin says:

    Unfortunately Trump will NEVER see a day in prison. At worst he will get a fine or house arrest. The fact that he is still allowed to run again is mind boggling. Shows how corrupt and truly disgusting and disgraceful the US Justice system is. And EVERY single media outlet is grifting off all of this, when they all know EXACTLY what the end result will be, yet they run on all these sensational clips everyday…..

  8. Shameful abc one sided media. The abc use to be so much more. There is hundreds of thousands of dead people in Ukraine. Just for a kick back.

  9. Better than any tv show.

  10. Smith does not have to prove Trump knew he lost the election.

    Trump,s state of mind here is not relevant to the criminality of his attempts to illegally overturn the election. In other words, a genuine but incorrect belief the election was stolen does not excuse Trump’s steps to illegally get Pence to breach the constitution, to get false slates of voters and to get Georgia to fake its election results.

  11. Scooterboi60 says:

    These guys on Planet America have left out the testimony of Archer before the clown show headed by sex abuser Comer and sex abuser cover up guy Jordan and then the cross examination by the adults in the room. That testimony stated that in any conversation with his son Joe Biden never had any conversation with Hunter and those with him about Hunter’s business dealings.

  12. Five O says:

    Infomercial – keep dreaming…

  13. das says:

    Not for nothing, we had a Hunter in America in the early eighties, also. Cop show. Ex-NFL guy. Much cooler theme song

  14. Reefer Rikki says:

    Welcome Back guys! 🎉🎉🎉

  15. das says:

    Trump just psychologically projects. HE announced his candidacy BECAUSE OF the impending indictments, not the other way around like he said! Doesn't matter though next time they elect a Republican president they're just going to get him out of prison

  16. das says:

    Thank god ! I've never been happier than right now hearing your dulcet Australian voices…well that sounds sad

  17. Simon Scott says:

    Since when does believing you're correct affect the outcome of a trial about your illegal activities?

    Based on that logic, if I believed that all the money in the bank was mine, I could avoid jail by trying to take it?

  18. Dee Valerie says:

    Imo, debating whether victims of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY picked up some useful life skills whilst they were being:- Tortured, RAPED, degraded, AND having their children stolen, then SOLD, seems psychopathic & inhumane !!??

    EG: Should we also focus on MINIMISING the suffering & inhumane treatment of WWII prisoners of war captured & held in Japanese prison camps? …

    Since it could be said (ignorantly) – WWII Allied PoWs may have, "BENEFITTED" from learning "useful job skills which they parléed into their lives?" (According to DeSantis & those justifying his nonsense?)

    Q: Did the prisoners of war FORCED into building the Bridge over the River Kwai, or the Burmese Railway, (whilst being beaten, starved & degraded) ..

    Also, "Benefit from learning useful skills, which they parléed into their lives?" (Quoting DeSantis's inhumane IDIOCY).

    NB: Treating PoWs the same way they were treated in Japanese prisoners of war camps, would be considered as a sadistic, deranged WAR CRIME nowadays …

    In the same way that Slavery, Torture, CHILD RAPES and deliberate impregnations + mass scale Human Trafficking of people, in chains from Africa to America, would be a totally ILLEGAL Human Rights Abuse, and a Crime Against Humanity!

    2 of 2

  19. Brian Ford says:

    Hilarious how Diaper Donny does that dance where he is tossing off two invisible dudes.

  20. Sam Lanena says:

    It's amazing how many online Americans believe that only American produced and approved news or opinion is seen around the world. Mind you, a scary percentage of them believe dinosaurs walked a mere two thousand years ago.

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