Tutorials | Augmented BRASS – Overview

Discover the big-screen-ready sounds and dynamic features of Augmented BRASS, your new go-to hybrid brass VST for modern composition and production – Lena gives you the guided tour in this overview video.

00:00 – Intro
01:09 – Preset Examples
02:33 – Overall Structure
03:47 – Front Panel Experience
04:51 – Macros
08:38 – Advanced Panel
14:05 – Modulation
16:22 – Arpeggiator
17:50 – Effects
19:00 – Macros
21:05 – Outro

Augmented BRASS → https://bit.ly/40EYwxr

Augmented BRASS delivers a rich variety of expressive, unique, and powerful brass sounds for modern production and composition, uniting beautifully recorded samples, bold synth engines, and seamless morphing between them.


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#Arturia is one of the world’s leading developers of music #software, studio controllers, hardware #synthesizers and audio interfaces. Creating gear for pro and amateur musicians alike, we create equipment that is both easy to use, enhances your workflow, and sounds amazing.


Presenter: Lena

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14 Replies to “Tutorials | Augmented BRASS – Overview”

  1. Jack Rhythm says:

    FX Collection 4 and V Collection 10 soon?

  2. JFMUSIQ says:


  3. Fred Beats says:

    Do they have an expansion pack for pigment? I’ll go crazy with this plug-in either way

  4. EDC says:

    Arturia’s Augmented series has a reasonable price and can generate a wide range of sounds. With updates I know it will get even better with time. My favourite Arturia synths are Pigments and Analog Lab V. I also have an Arturia Keylab 49 keyboard.

  5. Cesar M.P. says:

    Wait a minute…. how many hands do you have !?

  6. ARGUMENT says:

    "SUPER EXCITED" trained presentation. use something different, ive clicked off the door to door sales patter.

  7. PLEASE!!!! Arturia, V Collection 10..!!! It's time…

  8. Uli Kah says:

    Please do more (virtual) synths – no need for more sampled instruments – Native Instruments Komplete does the trick !

  9. Zee Nagual says:

    Unfortunately I can not look at that bright white interface .I own augmented strings and voices but never use them for that reason ( I replaced those with instruments from UVI . I beg you PLEASE give us a DARK option .

  10. robmlisanti says:

    Will there be some of these patches in ANALOG LAB???

  11. Andrew Sun says:


  12. Well, it's Lena and Arturia again. The Augmented series is really good.

  13. channelORAM says:

    Wow 🤩 love the augmented series

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