Two Man Scramble At A Korn Ferry Tour Course

Frankie and Trent take on The Glen Club, host of the NV5 Invitational on the Korn Ferry Tour, in a two-man scramble!

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45 Replies to “Two Man Scramble At A Korn Ferry Tour Course”

  1. Clay Dean says:

    Trent's short game gives me anxiety!!!

  2. BeTheNumber says:

    I mean I can get why Frankie doesn’t put his mouth on the fireball shot bottles, but that still doesn’t make it any less weird to see a grown man do that with his mouth and a shot

  3. Trent daddy with the domepiece, love to see it legend

  4. Heath Maines says:

    I think my best takeaway from this video is how dope it is to watch Trent be confident in his game. I’ve been a fore play fan for a while and the difference between old tent and new Trent is night and day his attitude transition is a masterclass in the golf mental game. When you bridge the game from your expectations to rather understanding to play to your miss and finding the positives is the hardest thing to overcome in this game and the key to truly enjoying it.

  5. Brady Busby says:

    Trent drinking game: "ok" "yeah, ok"

  6. love this combo. definitely need more of this

  7. Chick3nh3n says:

    I hit my best drive ever on this course on the 15th we were hitting blues & it’s playing about 354 to the center that day, we had to wait for the 4some in front of us to get to the green because I hit it about 300 on my normal swing. I guess I decided to let it rip with my 10+ year old RBZ2 and had a nice little baby fade over the trees on the left of the fairway (I’m a wrong hander) because we were looking for my ball in the fairway in front of the green & it wasn’t there. It took until the next group cleared off of the green for us to see a ball on the back fringe, right about where Frankie hit his bunker shot. My dad absolutely lost it telling me that’s the best drive he’s ever witnessed with his own two eyes. I 3 putt cause that’s how she goes but that didn’t stop my dad from hyping me up to every member, ranger, cart girl, receptionist, and bartender we saw the rest of the day. Dads can still embarrass their sons at 23

  8. PIP2323 says:

    4 putt in a scramble never seen that before lol embarassing

  9. A See says:

    Frankie still has Butter Fingers hell yah

  10. Adam Guerra says:

    Something about watching Trent hit baby fades a very average distance makes me want to go play 36

  11. Shea Fritz says:

    An unspoken 2man scramble moratorium is such as, "he/she who golf together shall do fireball shots together!"

  12. How do you 4 putt in a 2 man scramble😂

  13. Every single time Trent used his putter, he cracked the ball a minimum of 10 ft past the hole. For how much golf these guys play, that was tough…

  14. ray bundy says:

    ATTENTION!!!! I HAVE A QUESTION……..does anyone think that Frankie could do 1 fireball shot per hole for 9 holes and shoot under 45????

  15. Frankie has really been holding his ball recently. Probably the only Foreplay boy who’s trending in the right direction

  16. Josh Baker says:

    Why is Trent always leaving Frankie to drink alone?? It’s weird

  17. James West says:

    Trent is so damn bad. I dunno how he has a job.

  18. Riggs play golf on this channel anymore?

  19. MintyADL says:

    If every video was just Trent and Frankie i'd be so happy – Always great vibes

  20. BingBongBoom says:

    Where is the back half of Trent’s head?

  21. Mike Jones says:

    Give Francis this channel

  22. Dane says:

    Trent flushed so many shots in this video

  23. Good on you for putting everything out! Do that all the time. Good, fun vid!

  24. Trent played some sneaky good golf, the guy is picking up his game!

  25. @trent ryan if you ever want to play a 2v2 scramble, come to Dallas, TX. Would love to get in on some of the action.

  26. Sir BLT says:

    Frankie: "I just need to hit a straight putt!"
    …proceeds to make contact about half an inch from the heel of the putter face & pulls it 😂😂

  27. john Mcgee says:

    Trent putts like he’s a single guy holding a baby for the first time

  28. Man we just want to see more videos of you guys playing golf. I understand you have the podcast. Your guys page always shows there is a new video but rarely is it you guys playing golf

  29. Joe Mama says:

    Holy shit, I just realized Trent is wearing a hat

  30. Alex Rouse says:

    Trent please wear the hat more often, maybe get a nice Iowa cap, Go Hawks!

  31. Tyler Dudley says:

    We will play anyone in a 2v2 proceeds to go 5 over on 9 🤣🤣 2v1 you might have some action.

  32. N S says:

    Trent would be so much better if he would just slow his back swing down and relax instead of rushing

  33. 26:48 lol Frankie: You hit that 30 yards over the green… Trent: I hit it right on the ball
    Trent, that's what's supposed to happen. You're supposed to hit the ball first

  34. Dan Galyen says:

    First round leader today shot 60…

  35. Eric Hessian says:

    Please play in a Sandbagger against Biz and Whit!!

  36. This video is relatable to golf in real life 😂 “oh fuck that’s good” ….. 4 putt

  37. Jay Gee says:

    Wait, is a cup out = a ball & 1/2 out?

  38. Horan25 says:

    You guys need to play Kiz again since Frankie improved his golf game!

  39. Maybe if we I don’t know did our job and posted more than once in a blue moon we could figure it out a touch

  40. Cody says:

    frankie better have bought those fireball nips from the course. if he brought those from home than he's a scumbag

  41. Love how Trent was so amped after that first drive only to play like shit the other 90% of the holes.

  42. Evan Tetford says:

    Love that Trent daddy has a little “Scottie Scheffler foot slide” in his driver swing. If it’s helping you put it down the middle of the fairway, keep it up!

  43. PaulCook says:

    ‘I hit it right on the ball’ yeah dude it’s golf

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