Ultimate Golf Shots of the Week #20

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Welcome to the Triumphant Return of Ultimate Golf Shots of the Week!

Duff and Hyp Andrew are back to host a special 20th episode of Shot of the Week. This time they’ve selected 5 shots from our community to feature, and each of them will select one shot as their personal favorite. Then it’s your turn to vote for the ultimate winner… and just by voting, you’ll win a special reward too!

To cast your vote & redeem your reward, head in-game and tap the NEWS & MESSAGES button on the Main Menu. Then tap ENTER PROMO CODE and enter your chosen Promo Code to cast your vote for your favorite shot. You can only vote once, so choose carefully!

Voting closes August 15, and we’ll announce the winner after that!
Promo Codes expire when voting closes, at 12 AM ET on August 15, 2023.

Keep sending in your awesome clips on social media using #UltimateGolfSOTW and make sure to include your Friend Code so we can send your prizes!

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0:00 – Intro
0:35 – RattTrader
1:12 – John
2:09 – PhatBoy
2:56 – Sylvain
3:48 – imelone
4:20 – Andrew & Duff’s Picks
5:39 – Voting & Outro


16 Replies to “Ultimate Golf Shots of the Week #20”

  1. Oh snap I just deleted a bunch of saved shots similar to these ……to submit do they have to be from the current week? I may still have a couple saved aces etc from up to a year ago …🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. Michele LORD says:

    Only in a game 🎮

  3. PKTD says:

    Super awesome yall r doing this. This is has just made the game so much better

  4. RattTrader gets my first vote, Sylvain second. That albatross against the 11mph wind is a beauty of a shot just slightly better than the ace on par 4 in my opinion. Less green and fairway to work with too, just a great shot all around.

  5. Had no idea Happy Gilmore was playing under the pseudonym "Sylvain". What a shot! 🔥

  6. jtnm76 says:

    Awesome 👏🏼 ❤

  7. J T says:

    John code was awesome, got two new clubs, yay 🎉

  8. Travis Wayne says:

    Great shots everyone and great content Duff and Andrew

  9. Joey M says:

    What’s the discord

  10. oops9265 says:

    Thanks for bringing these back. It’s always cool to watch these and see other people’s thought process

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