Vortex Razor HD 4000 LRF – Its Over 4000!!!!!!!!!!

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Behold, Another Laser Range Finder (LRF) review for all of you to enjoy. This Vortex Razor HD 4000 is oddly similar to the Maven RF.1… Whichever you choose and for which ever reasons you have. Know your getting some pretty decent kit.

00:00 – Unboxing
04:08 – Function Testing
07:45 – SubZero Testing
09:10 – Extreme Long Range Testing
11:28 – Comparison – Maven RF.1
15:59 – Conclusion

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Packing Tape – https://rebrand.ly/hj6ta9a
ADM Recon – https://rebrand.ly/shq7x7p

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26 Replies to “Vortex Razor HD 4000 LRF – Its Over 4000!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Nice low key face reveal

  2. resolute123 says:

    I know I can't see that far, but I wish it was over 9000!

  3. I watched a field test review of the Maven.
    He was in a wooded hilly area and threw the Maven so it rolled down a slope of about 30 degrees, no issues.
    He then put it into a stream and it filled with water.
    I really like Vortex Optics and will continue using them.

  4. Quality Guru says:

    It's common practice for the Original Equipment Manufacture to produce products with similar internals and different exteriors. I worked my way through college making battery grids at a battery factory. The company made batteries for everyone. Some had the same housing with different markings while others had various housings and terminals, but in the end it had the same internals and used the same technology to produce amps.

  5. RM says:

    9:31 why would you shoot a deer at 2.200 yards? 😂

  6. I’m curious to know how much the Maven’s controls get in the way if you’re trying to pull it out of a case or a pocket. Probably not as much as I imagine. Great review as always!

  7. sjowners says:

    I have a 2019 model, made in China!

  8. Steve K. says:

    Large bodies of water mess with the ranging system, in my experience. Thanks for the share!!

  9. That CR2 makes me want to find an engineer to kick.😂

  10. Ryan G says:

    Holy crap he has a face!

  11. Ahhh, he comes out of the closet!!!

  12. David Long says:

    For what its worth, it might be defective. I have the Fury 5000 and it wasnt picking up squat past 2200, and even then it would only range reliably up to about 1500. I dont need 5000, but I figured 3000 would be a piece of cake. Sent them in, and Vortex said they were fine. It wasnt until I used a buddy's pair side by side that I saw how bad mine were. I sent them in again, vortex replaced them, and the new pair ranges out to 3800 every damn time, trees and rocks included.

  13. jphynes1 says:

    You were trying to range the tops of trees rather than the side of an abrupt tree line. This results in more range spread within the beam, and fewer photons stacking up at the same time, which makes it harder to detect.

    Rating these things is hard because of how much the target matters. I had a "1200yard" $80 Gogogo rangefinder which would really struggle to get half that in most cases, but would manage 2300 at dusk against a big building at the right angle.

  14. Random Idiot says:

    I bought a razor. It's a rangefinder. The 400-yard Nikon I bought years ago still works, so the razr is probably the last one that I will be buying for a very long time.

  15. Clinton says:

    I have a "1600" yard rangefinder that struggles picking up anything non reflective outside of 800ish yards. It seems that you have to divide the manufacturers reflective target claim in half to get actual useful application.

  16. C says:

    If only I got the same credit as the case for something being "mostly hard" 😂

  17. HOLY SHIT I am wearing that same shirt right now lmao (tshirt version).

    "This is Jack Burton in the Pork Chop Express, and I’m talkin’ to whoever’s listenin’ out there…"

  18. Matt Fleming says:

    Strange how many similarities there are with these to my old sig kilo 2200 (especially in menu stuff) i'd almost bet mine is made in phillipines as well.

    Leaves and grass are very "fluffy" targets and great at dispersing laser beams. Moisture in the air, particulates, etc. can also give you great variability in performance. Some days i'm ranging forest canopy and pasture fields well over 1000y (with my 2200), and some days its a struggle.
    If you REALLY need to range longer with these consumer grade units, use a tripod. The cleaner the return signal is the more likely you are to get a reading. I do wish that all the companies would lower the threshhold on "data quality" as I'd rather have a noisy nasty reading that I need to deduce than " —- "

  19. NeDeS says:

    Both the Maven and the Vortex being made in the Philippines and probably by the same optics manufacturer, Kenko Optics. A Japanese company that set up shop Cebu, and who also make Vortex's Viper line of scopes.
    Although its hard to say for certain as there are several Asian Pacific optics manufactures and the contracts regularly change hands. But if the Vortex Razor LRF is made by Kenko then it should be G2G. So to, the Maven.

  20. toddNdogs says:

    CR2 battery? Hop will have something to say about this when he wakes up.

  21. Bret says:

    Please review the vortex recon R/T or other reticle based range finding monocular or binocular. Is a laser rangefinder really necessary? or just a gadget.

  22. I assume the trees are all funny shaped and the leafs are pointing in every possible direction so the reflection coming back to the range finger is not great if nothing at all.

  23. Why can't we get that kind of glass on lpvos without a 1500 plus price tag?

  24. Adam says:

    love your reviews, have this LRF. One thing, Im not sure you were giving the ELR mode enough time to work itself out on the more challenging targets. Also, mine picks up moving targets with little difficulty. The scan mode works well here

  25. mark says:

    Hows athlon helios 2-12 holding up?

  26. mark says:

    Damn good review!!

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