My return to Vortex Valley, A course that’s broke my heart in the past!
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  1. 007ELmO says:

    isn't this game dead now?

  2. BobApples says:

    Shamone! He heee! Whos bad?

  3. Mr C says:

    Everybody's golf gives me a raging boner!

  4. I'm pretty sure the devs created Adam to be Tommy Wiseau…

  5. Youthanasía says:

    I remember playing the shit outta this game when it came out on my ps4 I’m a sucker for any golf game. I enjoyed the creation even of my guys drip 💧. Like the clubs getting better with the more you use and get better with them. For a cartoonish game love all the option for spin and shaping of shots plus the fun idea of tiny or gaping big holes 🕳️ along with the vortex of suckage when you get close enough

  6. Niall Mooney says:

    What platform is everybody's golf on…. as i was so addicted to this when i was in school… and i hope so bad the title comes to xbox one soon

  7. How are we today my boy

  8. Hey apex, just wondering can u make a video trying to break 60? I think it would be a good video

  9. kumi says:

    The one-shot mission I believe is a localization error. The numbers are probably swapped, so when it says to use less than 15% power to get withing 70 feet, it means use less than 70% power to get within 15 feet.

  10. N. Solanki says:

    backdoor skills….hehe….hehehe……hehehe

  11. Rob Diton says:

    please keep this series going, Apex!

  12. How do you get the extra spin on shots?

  13. HomeRnDrby1 says:

    Noticing more jump cuts than usual on these videos, guessing you are slowing down a bit. Which is a good thing considering the errors you were making in the past! And apparently you were babysitting AGAIN during that tourney – why can't I have a group like that?

    Couple of things I want to point out: your custom clubs are NOT level 11; that's your EG level. Your custom clubs don't level on their own sadly. Highest level you can get originally was 15, now it's 17 – but you are going to have to insanely good to reach that!! Also pay close attention to the bottom right corner of the screen before swinging when it is raining; the percentages will fluctuate during the round!

    You also had an easier time with Adam than I did for revenge. I had balata for my match, went the distance, only won 2 up after 8 holes.

  14. Matt Stanley says:

    hey Apex . been loving your videos (especially the masters video) but everybody's golf seems to be a fun game. left a subscribe on your channel . keep up the brill work mate 👌simply lovely

  15. Ultrafex says:

    Yes! Love Apex and Everybody’s golf! Happy days! ❤

  16. Always look forward to your uploads Apex 🥳

  17. Alex Gray says:

    Hey Apex, they made an everybody’s golf on the Nintendo switch, but with a different title if you’d wanna check that out? Loving the EG content 🙌🏻

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