VW Tiguan 3 years of ownership!

I made this video to hopefully help anyone looking to purchase a Volkswagen Tiguan. I am not sponsored in any way and this is my honest opinion about this vehicle.

First impressions video: https://youtu.be/LfrShVrpKXc


2 Replies to “VW Tiguan 3 years of ownership!”

  1. How is it mechanically? Any problems? And cost of ownership? Great video thanks

  2. FAautobahn A says:

    Watched your first video on this just the other day and good to see after 3 yrs take. In the US the torque is 221 lb/ft. Wonder if you misspoke or it's less in Canada. I am considering the 2023 SE in US and also Mazda CX5, which has much nicer interior and reliability record. CX5 is smaller though. Let's see. Are you replacing Tiguan / what are your plans?

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