We Ace Ran Everything! Accuracy Challenge

We tried to be as accurate as possible at Liberty Links DGC a very open and mostly short course

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3 Replies to “We Ace Ran Everything! Accuracy Challenge”

  1. BenFishz says:

    I played a putter only round at Liberty. One of the best rounds I ever shot. Then I played again, but I could only putt left-handed inside the circle. That was a challenge!

  2. DoLittle says:

    Justice's forehand is getting smooth like butter. Y'all need to do a forehand only round challenge.

  3. Pascal Blais says:

    You should do the same type of competition with putting; choose a random distance to a basket in circle 2 or 3, then each player putt 3 times and give points for landing within 10', hitting metal, making the basket etc… You could even combine the 2 competitions together; after all players have thrown to approach the basket, then everyone do the putting challenge from the worst approach disc' location (if the disc is too far, bring it closer to within circle 3).

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