We Challenged A PGA Tour Pro To An 18 Hole Match | 2v2 Scramble

Beau Hossler



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35 Replies to “We Challenged A PGA Tour Pro To An 18 Hole Match | 2v2 Scramble”

  1. John Martin says:

    Correction 6 EAGLES! 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅 HOLY SHIT!!!!!!

  2. John Martin says:

    4 EAGLES 🦅 🦅🦅🦅!!!

  3. Yoan says:

    play against Tiger and Rory

  4. Sometimes when Garret over analyses things he kinda over does it ,and the Pebble stuff made him look like a fool.

  5. hes a 22 handicap but has the jordan one Chicago golf shoes lol

  6. You guys are accidentally going to play yourselves into the pros!

  7. binskihops says:

    Honestly think your fans put your ball on the green when they left you the note

  8. Dwayne Brown says:

    Maybe my favorite GM 2v2 ever. Great match, great content, great company and great golf!! Nicely done.

  9. Pretty cool seeing a tour pro needle you guys like this because in my experience that means they respect your game and know you are a legit opponent I love when my buddies start sounding off it just adds fuel to my fire I just keep my mouth shut and let my clubs talk with the occasional smirk 😏 🤣

  10. Play against Ernie Els and Retief Goosen in a scramble. Tap that South African Martket

  11. CHUck Ibold says:

    Love watching the right way to play a course that I've played a lot. Thanks for the show. Love Beau and Ryder

  12. Travis Scott golf shoes 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍

  13. you should play Kenny G.

  14. Tre W says:

    Favourite video I’ve watched on the channel ‼️

  15. Reilly A says:

    I legit completely understand what he means that it has a similar feel to pebble. The cliff sides feel similar to pebble and also the trees have a similar look.

  16. E G says:

    Man 8 months later I miss these garret and grant videos, the energy seems so much better than the grant Micah videos

  17. Steven St says:

    A set of irons ordered by Casino names and not numbers is the greatest thing I’ve seen in a set of clubs lol

  18. "Our balls are touching". Best line ever.

  19. Zach Young says:

    Just found this channel today and Im hooked. Great sportsmanship and some great golfers. Did you two play in college?

  20. Jaxson Beard says:

    this video was the first vid i ever saw from the gm channel. i had recently gotten into golf when i watched it and man, from day one i could tell how special the relationship between grant, garrett, and ryder were. i truly hope we’ll get to see them 3 team up again

  21. The chemistry ! Such an amazing video my favourite one so far

  22. Neil Bazely says:

    That was crazy guys I wanna c use try and get cam smith that would be sick

  23. Enough with the 22

  24. Awesome round guys… congratulations

  25. Matty J says:

    at 47 minutes in the eagle attempt has someone in the background yapping away…. for an eagle.

  26. Dirk Gibbens says:

    Great fun to see Beau. Watching him on TV he always looks so stoic, borderline stern, because he needs to concentrate on business. He is such a fun (and funny) guy. Fun to get to know a few tour pros through these VLOGS with GM and Good Good. You guys are the best in the business.

  27. Been following a while. Just got around to looking back at this series, gotta be the best scramble on this channel no contest. I know Grant has moved on now but super sweet to look back and see how sweet this vibe was

  28. Easiest course in north county San Diego

  29. DC94 says:

    Damn the intro of this videos stings. I love the Garret Grant duo!

  30. J.V. Country says:

    I've watched a shit ton of YouTube matches, and this is one of my favorites!!

  31. Henrik Stenson, please!

  32. Matthew Watt says:

    I so wish the GM Golf series with Grant can continue with the recent occurrences. Best combo!

  33. GrEeGgErS says:

    I thoroughly enjoy this match. Good job guys!

  34. Ace Oswell says:

    wow, what a match. Probably the best good good video ever.

  35. Gary Jones says:

    Boys, I loved the California Swing. I would love to see you arrange an outing with Freddy Couples. I'm 83, still love golf and fly fishing and watching amazing youth excel on such varied courses!

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