We Challenged MICAH MORRIS & MAC BOUCHER at Banff Springs (Part 2)

Currently two down after the front 9 and we’re determined to make a comeback on the back 9! Who will win?

Watch Part 1 on Micah’s channel: https://youtu.be/Xsz9l1VFe7g

00:00 – Intro
1:16 – Hole 10
4:59 – Hole 11
8:49 – Hole 12
13:03 – Hole 13
16:02 – Hole 14
19:11 – Hole 15
21:57 – Hole 16
25:43 – Hole 17
28:33 – Hole 18

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Barry Ehlert is a serial entrepreneur. His love & passion for business started young. His first venture of shovelling snow was done for tips. As a business graduate of Brigham Young University, Barry wrote an award winning business plan while attending his last year of university. He was named one of Forbes Magazine’s “Future Capitalists.” He grew a start-up in Dallas, TX to 8 retail locations, and over 100 wholesale accounts before selling the business, and returning home where he grew up in Calgary, AB. Barry followed his grandfather, and father’s footsteps with his passion for golf and business. He has grown Windmill Golf at one point to over 10 golf courses through building new, acquiring, and management of golf courses. He has since redeveloped some courses, and has been focused on some of his new acquisitions while preparing to open Mickelson National in 2020. Barry recently decided to start a Vlog to provide insight into his life plus passion he shares for his family and business.


27 Replies to “We Challenged MICAH MORRIS & MAC BOUCHER at Banff Springs (Part 2)”

  1. Lots of fun 🕶️🏌️

  2. Upside down driver 😂😂😂 that’s more insane then a 150m sling

  3. Sean Tracy says:

    Great to see a Canadian masterpiece like Banff Springs. Also good hockey level chirping.

  4. Junior1986 says:

    First time on the channel. Absolute top tier video quality guys.

  5. Subbed. Beautiful course & you seem like a proper nice chap. Not so sure about the traitor though!!

  6. Paul Bleau says:

    Please give us yardages on some of those drives.
    Also, one of the most beautiful courses on the planet. Almost looks fake😂.

  7. nick Charli says:

    Par 3 start is terrible

  8. HDC says:

    I just pulled the daddy long legs out of the garage! Have you always had it in the bag or did you also bring it back out?

  9. C. says:

    Micah should challenge himself to not place dead last.

  10. SD Golf Guy says:

    So happy ya'll edited this one nicely. The colors are so much better than Micah's channel.

  11. Harv Kemp says:

    good stuff keep the content coming. peace

  12. Super entertaining gents, well done !👏👏👏

  13. John Derek says:

    Hole 15 just wow. So dreamy.

  14. Luke Sena says:

    can i pay you to narrate my rounds?

  15. Tyler Dudley says:

    He just shot 15 over up there I like your chances

  16. RS says:

    Every except for Micah is having fun out there, guys needs to lighten up a little sheesh

  17. Chad GGolf says:

    Dutch tickler down the hill 😂

  18. Dan Wesson says:

    Great all aroumd golf by all four. Mack with the right handed club unpside down as a left hander was sick as hell.

  19. Neal M says:

    Thanks Barry!

  20. Great match. Looking forward to seeing more of your content.

    When Tig is relaxed, he's hard to beat. Wish he played like that in tournaments.

  21. Boucher @5:10….absolutely insane, nice round fellas!

  22. That’s a beautiful course and area of Canada. Love the play and banter—keep it up!

  23. Great match and what an awesome course

  24. Ray Lindsay says:

    Cant wait to watch the rest of this Match ! good work.

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