We Gave Reinhardt Invisibility In A Overwatch 2 Randomizer

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The Overwatch 2 (OW2) grind is real and isn’t stopping anytime soon

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44 Replies to “We Gave Reinhardt Invisibility In A Overwatch 2 Randomizer”

  1. idk why but from 8:43 to 8:45, it almost/kinda looks like its aimbotting/hacking. im not saying flats is but just thats what it looked like with how the aiming retical snapped towards the moira's head and tracked her head, but i guess flats is just that fuckin good.

  2. 6:10 is a legendary pokemon theme but i cant remember what

  3. drew rupp says:

    It happens multiple times through out the video. Flats, dude, please tell me this isnt what I think it is.

  4. drew rupp says:

    Is there something weird with this or is it just me. I saw multiple super fast snaps on targets through out the video. 4:01 to 4:02, 4:04 to 4:06 and 4:06 to 4:08. Watch the video play back at .25 speed and tell me thats normal.

  5. Backfisch says:

    I wanna see invisible echo now since you can't hear her

  6. JBKryp says:

    Should have done rein with genji dash, since he gets kills so easily it would be unlimited dashes

  7. Tar Tron says:

    How do you take part in one of these?

  8. Nah rein with the rein charge from random ability turns his charge into a missle

  9. leandro blom says:

    not seeing tracer blink hurts my head

  10. Widow says:

    anyone gonna talk about that crazy transition at 15:50

  11. How do you play this gamemode. I really want to do torb turret sym sentry bob ult sym body

  12. Blurred ! says:

    Skip to the end for the rein

  13. Shimo Dragon says:

    Next we need Rein with Genji dash. A damage dealing mobility option that resets on kills would be disgusting on the big man.

  14. Chase Wright says:

    Did he kill them with emp!?!?

  15. Despite myself not playing OW2 due to, well you know, i'll admit I really missed the goofy sideof OW, so seeing your videos made me miss the old days.

  16. Hraesvelgr says:

    Rein with Doom Abilities

  17. Vargus says:

    i want to hear what the junkrat said when a ginormous man clad in iron suddenly appeared out of nowhere XD

  18. Rein or Ramattra with the hook

  19. Anael Nock says:

    Flats becoming the thing he intended to destroy aim bot tracer

  20. PRAETORIAN says:

    15:39 dude got a headshot with the shatter lmao BIG SLAM!

  21. yolkyorb 142 says:

    As usual another randomizer filled with cancer heroes how exciting

  22. I can just imagine rein coming out of the invis in the Mrbeast pose right in front of them

  23. Is he aimbotting with tracer?

  24. Hash_Whites says:

    does flats have a discord server?

  25. RegyXD says:


  26. PudzyPlays says:

    Did flats just forget how to properly soldier ult

  27. Next we have ball with support passive and rein primary

  28. I can't comprehend how I've seen some people say flats is all brain no aim

  29. Joe Balsamo says:

    Ultimate is Emp?, more like hollow purple 😂 flats cosplaying the honored one 🙇‍♂️

  30. CaptGuyliner says:

    Just noticed the background song from mystical ninja starring goemon
    a man of CULTURE i love it

  31. Stefan Romig says:

    15:52 That transition was so good that it tripped my brain up of the maps layout. Thanks dude.

  32. those guys play like aholes, holding point with mei, using sym, going brig

  33. DrSmittyPhD says:

    Make the rein half speed when not invisible… this could be tweaked into a cool game mode

  34. Also I wish you would have spammed the come here voice line while invis

    Also also, Flats isn't evil. He's diabolical dood 😂

  35. The mode we need. Rather than general or map workshop; hero workshop. Build a hero if you would

  36. Day 1 of asking flats to play paladins

  37. I'd like to see more flats doing these.

  38. Need more of flats

  39. R says:

    Hey everyone i come here for advice i play dps comp and i have 21 wins and i cant get out of bronze 5 any tips on what i am doing wrong?

  40. Ever says:

    Deoxys theme just slamming in the background, thought I was just imagining things for a bit.

  41. Spacewhale says:

    rein with winston leap or doomfist slam wouldbe funny

  42. Adam Hall says:

    Maybe the PVE was the friend’s we made along the way

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