We Hit Every Shot With Iron Covers On Our Golf Clubs | GM GOLF

That was interesting
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37 Replies to “We Hit Every Shot With Iron Covers On Our Golf Clubs | GM GOLF”

  1. Jake Harland says:

    Nobody thought to bring tape😂

  2. matt says:

    The illegal harmonica concordingly spill because promotion tentatively cheat failing a wiry defense. waggish, assorted milk

  3. Tell Micah to get a haircut

  4. Carlos Brown says:

    “Holy sit” -Micah. 2020.

  5. How much money do this guys have?? Golf and buggies are quiet expensive in my country….shout-out from Portugal

  6. Hey Garrett do you think you and tig scramble could eagle a 540 yard par 5 at my home course and then play in our school fundraiser tournament next year around august? Please let me know I think it would be really fun to also see if you can do that and maybe we can get 2 of the best golfers around to take on you and tig in a scramble for a video on your channel

  7. Also; those golf carts suck at TC 😂

  8. I was just out there about three days ago! Would love to meet you all!

  9. First Cade says:

    I would love to go and play golf with all of the good good house.

  10. Good good should do a random club wheel spin for every shot

  11. The helpfullness of the other human is so important 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Saw someone request this video from one a year ago, your dollar tree golfing challenge

  13. Pwt 1116 says:

    I’ve literally dmed him for the last month for him to do this

  14. How do you grip your club

  15. Spyy says:

    wait collin has a tesla????

  16. What if you did the iron covers and put them on different clubs and then play normal you pick a iron cover that says 5i but it’s really a pw and then randomize it after ever hole

  17. badbilly429 says:

    It’s the only thing iron covers are good for

  18. I'm thinking about booking a vacation for the boys what packages did you guy go with down in mexico?

  19. Play Sherrill Park Course 2!

  20. Rie Girl says:

    Is it possible for yall to do another video where gabe is the caddy. That was an older but really good video

  21. I wanna see a driver hit with a headcover lol

  22. Ian Vorster says:

    Play scramble but you chose the worse ball

  23. Daniel Terry says:

    I use plastic Iron covers as the numbers are Big and easy to read, but I do not leaved them on when I hit..

  24. JD Robinson says:

    Play with only a 68 degree wedge

  25. TJ Simpson says:

    I totally recommended making this video a few months ago!

  26. Rayocman453 says:

    Let’s see a 6 hole 2v2 scramble, match play, pushes, loser of the whole shotguns a beer

  27. Josh Artley says:

    You guys should do a putting challenge from inside the hot air balloon basket. Most have slots in the side.

  28. no one noticed the silky Rabona chop by Stephen on hole two but I saw it

  29. Jakob Aumann says:

    Steven has actual golf clothes? Who woulda thought 😂

  30. Eloff Sander says:

    New video idea !!!!

    Two teams(4players) 2 man scramble ask siri to pick a number between the yardage of the hole play from the random number siri game you after every shot ask siri again to pick a random yardage between you and the hole and from there you play your second shot ,3 shot etc …… until you are in the hole even with putting

  31. Tyler Price says:

    Garrett literally never gives gimmes. It'll be a foot and half putt and he'll be like "and that is definitely not a gimme!" after Tig just gave him a 2.5 footer.

  32. shavencarrot says:

    One of my guys in my local group has iron covers. We tell him everyday…

  33. Phillip Cox says:

    Laughed as soon as I saw the title! Keep it up!

  34. We need a golf colab with lunkers tv

  35. everything….. of destiny!

  36. Honestly, if you use iron covers….
    That doesn't need finishing!

  37. Ryan Shaw says:

    Team change ?(insert that’s illegal meme)

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