We Invented… THAT'S SO RAVEN GOLF! (Predict Your Clubs)

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Here are the rules of That’s So Raven GOLF:

Before each hole, you must predict which which clubs you’ll be using, and in what order. You MUST use these clubs regardless of what happens. We selected our clubs on the basis that we were aiming for PAR every time. If don’t get a par, hit your next shot with the club you tee’d off with, and so on!

Best score after 6 holes wins (stroke play).

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Happy golfing!


14 Replies to “We Invented… THAT'S SO RAVEN GOLF! (Predict Your Clubs)”

  1. Sam North says:

    please do an F1 golf it would be so good

  2. Hilarious as always by far the best video I've seen in a while

  3. DOHC says:

    Ooh Judgeford, been on my list for a while. Driven past it many times never been in looks great! Keep it up lads

  4. Marek Pinta says:

    What about reverse golf. You can choose to hit the ball right-handed if you are left-handed and the opponent must then hit the next shot also with other hand. So you choose to do it when you are confident enough to make it or to totally screw your opponent for example in bunker. Big support from Czechia. Great channel guys💪

  5. As a 30 year old male I'm both ashamed and glad I know what that's so raven is 😂 Great vid lads! What course was this at?

  6. Love these two blokes. (Guy from the states, Louisiana)

  7. Great video as always.

  8. sty_drake says:

    Did you change camera ? This one is so great the qualities is WOW ❤😮 (but if you didn’t change that one is great!)

  9. The bunker boys strike again! Can’t wait for this channel to get the views y’all deserve

  10. using this to cure my golf itch on off days 😂

  11. History Buff says:

    I’m not big into golf but I found this pretty fun and interesting that’s gotta mean something 🙂

  12. Aidan O'Hara says:

    You guys are the most underrated golf channel keep up the good work

  13. Trev says:

    As a 90s baby this was so nostalgic! Loved the concept! Amazing editing as well with the visions!

  14. Drewby says:

    Y'all should do a golf club draft where you alternate picking clubs (say 3-5 each with no repeats) at the start of the video and you can only use the clubs you picked for the entire video.

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