We Made Chess Even MORE DANGEROUS in FPS Chess

Another day, another fight to become the GRANDMASTER in FPS Chess with my buddy @ImCade!
Checkmate friend, because I’m about to win!

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Play an ordinary game of chess against a friend or a stranger.

However, all your intricate strategies will crumble before the enemy rook’s sniper trick-shot.
All your practiced openings and counters will amount to nothing before the enemy queen’s randomly sprayed machine gun.
You finally checkmate the king. Unfortunately, it seems you are not ready for this fight. 5 seconds in and you’ve been sliced in half by the king’s sword.
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49 Replies to “We Made Chess Even MORE DANGEROUS in FPS Chess”

  1. Pls make more of these videos

  2. gamestyla says:


  3. Xavier Smith says:

    gun anime battles be like

  4. The turns are tabling

  5. “A queen hitting a black piece with a whip”


  6. silný muž says:

    I like how he tryed scholars mate trap but failed after first move

  7. Sam Ryan says:

    Bro rly started the game by whippin the blacks

  8. Foxboy lol says:

    the king throws the swords:)

  9. 1v1 me my friends say I have aimbot blitz want is you steam

  10. haker_12mot says:

    why was white whipping black

  11. The reason the knight took more than the queen was because of headshots

  12. Eglet says:

    chess in ohio

  13. jokes on you the pawn is better than the queen

  14. G00FYGR33N says:

    Did u go against ImCade?

  15. Did he use the wrong thumbnail?

  16. No way that's Chess 2

  17. Kagan Zeren says:

    They made oueen suck

  18. usecodes says:

    the king might have 2 swords and op skillz but the pawn has 3 people

  19. Paula Suba says:

    blits question what gameplay u use like in webbed and like ur game ur playing whats its all called i wanna play like link

  20. Dane Bingham says:

    “Most of my bishops are gone” only has 2

  21. Deadshot2913 says:

    i got so triggered watching him deter the entire point of the wayward queen attack and not go for the rook

  22. how to play with this wepons?

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  24. i just watched some older fps chess vids and what are these new things with pawn and possibly queen being worse

  25. Lucas Engsig says:

    you can also do pvp or one on one

  26. I’m worried about your money paying for so much boards

  27. I love the thumbnail

  28. Nice way ward queen attake

  29. Isis Kline says:

    Stick and stones will break my bone but will words will always hurt me cadeq

  30. Is anyone going to talk about the noob master thing

  31. 13:47 that shape though😳

  32. mr beech says:


  33. Social Fox says:

    He killed your queen fast because he hit headshots

  34. Existence says:

    I found out that for the knight you can use the ability that yeets you backwards with the multiple arrow ability to just fly. You should try it lol (and yes this is late)

  35. the first fight made me think of things that are very wrong

  36. Why is the thumbnail Al messed up

  37. supergamer says:

    Oh wow the same thing happened again it’s almost like they’re planning it out 😂

  38. vonraven says:

    How do I do it

  39. Spooky says:

    Bishop vs bishop = ratatouille

  40. The king can throw his swords.

  41. Jimmy Wu says:

    is there any way to ply this game on mac pro? if there is plz tell me i am desperate

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