We Played A Top 5 New Golf Course In America

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49 Replies to “We Played A Top 5 New Golf Course In America”

  1. JMG387 says:

    When will the pink hat be released?

  2. Colt Davis says:

    My favorite series so far was graduation. Love the guests and the 4 man scramble challenge. You guys are great!

  3. glad you enjoyed the track in my home state. much love to BustaJack Golf

  4. How about Top Muni courses, or come to Canada and play the top 10 courses here in Canada!

  5. jhouk88 says:

    Check out Olde Stonewall Golf Club when you get to PA.

  6. I like golfin old glory but would like the whole 18 played. i like their graduation series even better.

  7. Danny Vernon says:

    Geez O Pete! I froze the video and looked at the ranking list of courses y'all have played. Its a veritable who's who of golf courses, and you have Park Mammoth in little ol' Cave City ranked right up there with some very well known courses! Makes me kinda mad now I didn't take time to play it a few weeks ago on my way back from Bowling Green. KY has some nice courses and some affordable golf, though it is starting to creep up there some.

  8. Lamb Chops says:

    When you guys come to Michigan you have to check out Arcadia Bluffs, it’s right on Lake Michigan with some fantastic views

  9. Mark C says:

    play Cog Hills Dubsdread in illinois

  10. If y’all haven’t done the Texas Course you should do wildcat in Houston.

    Amazing view of the city. 2 really nice courses to choose from.

  11. Gary says:

    >30 states, getting serious 📈

  12. Awesome golf course!!!! Right down the road from me!!!

  13. YouSoldPetey says:

    are ya even golfin ol glory if you play 9?

  14. If you haven’t hit Michigan yet, The Fortress GC is a really nice course.

  15. Ryan Rich says:

    I’ve played a couple gems in Kentucky, lot of fun layouts.

  16. you guys need to come back to Utah and play black dessert! gotta play it before it goes private

  17. I wish you all had played Dale Hollow State Park. It is truly a beautiful course.

  18. Nick Rengel says:

    Deacons Lodge in Minnesota!! I'll get you boys set up on a lake and free golf! Let's goooo!!

  19. Kentucky has some pretty courses. Glad y’all made it out to the bluegrass state

  20. Douglas Fine says:

    From the concept of playing in each state to the commentary, by far the best YouTube golf channel.

  21. Daniel Maher says:

    curious what the debacle with Valhalla was? Easily the nicest course ive ever played. this course looks dope though. great vid as usual

  22. HITMAN6406 says:

    Guy's been supporting the channel from the UK for a long time, always great content and great golf. What's in the bag for you both, same or different brand? Keep swinging.

  23. SL1CK says:

    Y’all should have played Kearny Hill Golf Links. It’s much more challenging and designed by Pete Dye

  24. Anyone else see that the cart path is a face at 6:47

  25. Pretty sick course.. just needed some warm up putts.. busta with the pink hat! Lol.. yall are the best!

  26. I just played this course for the second time. Love the course. So much fun. No one was there Friday when we were playing our second 18.

  27. “Please make a birdie today you fat idiot” hahaha that killed me

  28. You guys were about 15-20 minutes from a real hidden gem. Shady Hollow Golf Course. My family owns it. Let me know if you are ever back in the area. We would love to have you boys out!!

  29. Play the quarry in Minnesota!!!

  30. Carson Recke says:

    Played there 3 weeks ago!

  31. D S says:

    Where are you playing in NJ?

  32. Sam Adams says:

    Great video as always boys!

  33. Jamie Sloan says:

    West Virginia boy here. Love the see my state still ranked at the top, after each episode.

  34. etrain dimes says:

    Hoping you guys check out The Shattuck in Jaffrey, NH. Its a beautiful course that really tests the game

  35. Dale oeltjen says:

    Shouldve played Nevel Meade or Heritage Hills !!!!

  36. And how Jack stay so so calm after a series of terrible shots!??? He seems calmer after a bad shot than he does a good shot. Lol that impresses me the most!

  37. If you two ever come back to Kentucky I recommend Stonecrest Golf Club in Prestonsburg or Raven Rock Golf Club in Jenkins.

  38. Have y’all played in Mississippi yet?

  39. Let’s check that self talk Busta! #keepgoin

  40. Mace Muse says:

    I’ve played this course a bunch and frankly the back 9 is probably the better part of the property. Awesome track.

  41. Mo Murda09 says:

    Great content my guys! 🎉

  42. Ben Peppard says:

    That one looked fun

  43. Joe Stuck says:

    “Make a birdie today you fat idiot” 😂😂😂

  44. Rudra Patel says:

    My first time watching them

  45. jose valedon says:

    What happened with Valhalla?

  46. Jeff Ingegno says:

    When you come to NY it just has to be Bethpage black lmk if y’all need a time

  47. Hope yall went to Mammoth Cave! lol

  48. Playing golf in all 50 states is on my bucket list. This is a wonderful series.

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