We Played Tiger Woods’ Mini Golf Course

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45 Replies to “We Played Tiger Woods’ Mini Golf Course”

  1. James Bates says:

    Kinda a weird place, they put some much effort in building out the large 3d hazards and elevation changes, but none of it really comes down to the putting greeen. The puts look kinda boring vs. the whole terrain, interesting

  2. Love that they don't care about being demonitized

  3. Jay Dee says:

    Edge of my seat here. Just dripping with drama. That was time I saw golf this riveting was the 72’ U.S. Open

  4. That skinny dude is high as a kite. Illegal substances

  5. 80zmtlman says:

    Hundo. Broke even for the round and drink😂

  6. Unknown says:

    ✌️ takedown red

  7. mike wright says:

    The one in Katy TX is awesome!

  8. Tom says:

    Nothing to be embarrassed about bring your own putter and divide balls and marking.
    And love the mini golf content, wish more youtube golfers would do it more often, it's a nice switch up every once in a while.
    I could see George and Wesley vs you 2 go absolutely bananas (more so Wesley) if things didn't go their way.

  9. We love Pop Stroke! Glad to hear they will be opening a location closer to us in the next year. ⛳😊

  10. Capta1n C0n says:

    This was amazing!

  11. Chryst † says:

    C'mon i could of joined you. 😂😂

  12. Disney has a little 18 track at Fantasia Gardens in Orlando that is seriously a test for real putting. Next time you’re in Orlando check it out! Pretty sure some pros have done some events there!

  13. You guys visiting Lab when you come out to Oregon? 👀

  14. ROB YZF says:

    do they offer this putter here? hahaha

  15. doverman says:

    It's fucked up lab golf doesn't put you on the media coverage section on their website

  16. Why does no one play mini golf correctly. Youre supposed to alternate shots, not furthest away goes next. Being able to not have a clear shot because a ball is in the way is part of the game.

  17. Russ Hansen says:

    Looks like fun! When you giving away a LAB putter?

  18. Doesn’t look like the lab really works

  19. raindogred says:

    that was a good'n

  20. Bald man in front of y'all could not stop staring lol I think he wanted to be in the video

  21. Cole/Mason
    The only time you win at gambling is not to gamble 🤷‍♂️🏌️

  22. That was fun, Let's Go boy's 🏌️

  23. Daltoosh says:

    Just went 6 under last night at pop Johnson. You guys couldn’t handle the heat

  24. Man that was a legit putt putt!!

  25. Luke says:

    You missed the best hole, next one downhill is insane!

  26. Love the wrestling reference! Just finished my last year wrestling D1 but looks like some possible rule changes to where a takedowns 3!

  27. Thanks for the photo that day!

  28. Place looks soo fun!!!

  29. Spidey1015 says:

    Have played both courses at three of the Florida locations. Love how each location is unique, and you can see how some slight improvements have been implemented as newer courses are built. Highly recommend checking it out if you are near one!

  30. DMAG187 says:

    Not filming all 18 holes is a bummer!!!! Great video regardless 💪

  31. Mike Olson says:

    Hell yes! This place is awesome! Just went a month ago in Glendale for vacation. Really want a new LAB, you boys have convinced me. Now if I can just convince the wife. 😉

  32. Noah Gyscek says:

    Played the popstroke out in florida just before covid or during and the course was wayy harder. Hear they made it slightly easier. Looking to try it out

  33. Aaron Karnas says:

    Looks fun to play a real putt putt course!!

  34. Danny Lee says:


  35. Johnny Cashh says:

    Couple of Ace Holes…😅

  36. Byrdmaan says:

    I have a funny feeling that this video is going to be fire!

  37. Javier Vigil says:

    Sooooo what was the course rating???😂

  38. MattyK USA says:

    I love this idea! Can't wait to see it expand to Savannah GA 🔥

  39. SeniorRonson says:

    Brick on a stick ftw

  40. MattyK USA says:

    Yet another great video with terrific content. Go get it, fellas! 🔥👍❤

  41. Hope you boys had fun in the valley. Love the videos.

  42. Greg Shamoon says:

    Busta lining up his putt on 3 is pure comedy

  43. Andrew Hill says:

    Almost to 100k and a BDS collab on the way. Gotta love it from the Texas boys.

  44. doggydoc says:

    Man in front of all these people this had to be hilarious to film

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