Wedge Center of Gravity Fitting + Edison Golf Wedge Review

We test the Edison Golf cavity back wedges designed to raise the CG (Center of Gravity) location higher for lower launch and higher spin. How do they compare to standard tour wedges and other specialty wedges in the market?

0:00 // Intro
4:41 // Edison Wedge Testing
7:52 // High Spin Test
11:49 // Results & Conclusions

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada


43 Replies to “Wedge Center of Gravity Fitting + Edison Golf Wedge Review”

  1. RB T3 says:

    Just got my 53 and 59 degree Edison wedges back with BGT ZNE 115gm wedge shafts installed and they are the best wedges I've ever had. I hit them closer to the hole and my mishit wedge shots are much better than with my Vokey or Mizuno wedges. The Kohler sole seems to be working as advertised also, pretty good from just about any lie and really good out of bunkers so far. On tight lies the leading edge sits really flush to the turf, but doesn't seem to dig during the swing. My chipping and pitching are much better, and seems like my contact is better and my mishit chips/pitches come off a little better. I'm sold and if you haven't tried them I would highly recommend these wedges.

  2. jetdr says:

    I love Edison Wedges, played Vokey for years, they are the gold standard, but I tried the Edison and they are so much more forgiving. I have a 51, I am grabbing a 55, and 59 soon. Quality is top notch!

  3. Chris Munson says:

    I have the 59. These wedges really shine out of the rough because if you hit it high on the face you still get the same distance approx. Also the feel and the sound is really great with the fully forged construction. These produce a slightly lower ball flight with higher spin. Very consistent trajectories and they stop on a dime even with the lower flight

  4. Garry Kong says:

    What is that glove that Ian is wearing under his glove?

  5. I play the these in 56 and 60 degrees. I have them matching my single length clubs and they are a pleasure to play. Mishits still keep me on the green.

  6. Would love to see you do a comparison to the Edel SMS wedges or just a review on the SMS’s, no comparison actually needed. Peter Finch just switched to Edel SMS’s and they seem like a really unique wedge.

  7. Jay Birdo says:

    I got the 53, and that led to a 57, so much easier to hit, confidence is better. Replaced Cleveland CBXs. Still using a 60 CBX for now.

  8. x x says:

    Compare and contrast the edison vs mizuno es21? How are they alike and different? Why would you choose one over the other?

  9. Nice to see wedges with only loft stamped- nice & clean- No bounce- No Mid/High. God bless the independent club makers

  10. Ian & Matty are great~ Clearly experts in club design, performance, et al. One minor suggestion- You guys are serious~ I don't expect You to morph into a Rick Shiels laugh fest, but You could have a laugh or two on occasion. Quibble aside, I do very much enjoy your videos!

  11. Just picked up 3 Edison 51* wedges. Each one is setup differently. My golf pro (friend) also gave me a Miura wedge to try and compare the 4 forged wedges. Headed out to the course tomorrow.

  12. I'm a 4 HCP, and struggle with consistency/accuracy and distance control on 50-90 yard shots. Previously played SM7 before purchasing an Edison 55*. It has really helped my game, setting up easier birdie looks/par saves and lowering my average score by 2-4 shots/round on average over the past 8 rounds. Biggest benefit I've seen is out of the rough, where the strike can tend to climb the face. The Edison does a great job with forgiveness and distance control out of the rough. It also spun a lot more than expected, especially on tight lie chips around the green.

    Thank you Ian & Matt for sharing the info on Edison and everything else you do for us! You guys are fantastic.

  13. Kody Bradley says:

    Hey guys. Could you show the effect of maybe adding some lead tape to change the cg on wedges? Wondering how it would affect the ball flight and spin characteristics

  14. Hey guys, thanks for the numerical review of the Edison Forged wedges. As the designer, I would love to follow up with you with an interview to share how we got this performance and to explain a bit more about our unique and patented "Koehler Sole", which is the most versatile sole in the industry. Bet we can have some fun discussing "fitting bounce" and why that is a very elusive objective. Please reach out and let's talk!!!
    Terry Koehler, Chairman/Director of Innovation, Edison Golf

  15. Jim Zwolak says:

    I purchased a 53 and 59 Edison wedges last year, used for half the season and love them. I'm a plus handicap golfer and wanted to try these as an experiment, haven't left the bag. I definitely notice the lower launch, and love the full and partial shot distance – notice it to be longer and consistent. Great wind flight. And the sole works for me for pitching/bunkers, can hit a variety of shots, never limited. I can't anticipate going back to traditional wedge heads and CG location based on preferred flight with these Edisons.

  16. I'm a 6 Handicap I have a full set of Edison wedges and I love them. I used eidolon wedges Before and these these are a little upgrade to them. From the piercing shot to the flop shot and with the v sole edge they work great for me.
    I would recommend them for all Handicap levels.

  17. Ronald Glick says:

    I'm a 22, so my goal is just getting it on the green from inside 50-60 yards. I have the 51 & 57. Success has made me greedy, wanting to get it within 15 feet. I've even seen the ball back up or hold it's spot, rather than run off to the back of the green. I'm waiting for them to get the 61 back in production.

  18. Tim Abraham says:

    Added the 55 and 59 to the bag about six months ago. Absolutely love them. For me, they are much easier when hitting full shots from the fairway. I like the lower flight and the variable sole makes hitting them from the fairway, rough, or sand much easier. They replaced the Jaws MD5 56 and 60. 4 handicap.

  19. gregory h says:

    Ian &Mattie. You guys let Us Lefties Off In The COLD. THEY don’t build wedges FOR US. please look before you Test or Tell us Not Made for Left hand players. Strike One

  20. Matt Ross says:

    I own the 51, 55, & 59. Love these wedges!! Thanks for making this video. I was pumped when I saw this. I have purchased all the big time wedges you can name and these are the best. Extremely easy to hit. For an average golfer like myself, they perform like the tour wedges, but easier to hit.

  21. Nate Wilson says:

    Why only 1 dot on the wedge?

  22. My friend just received the Bombtech wedges. As with anything advertised on Facebook, I figured them to be gimmicky. Could you try out the newest version of them?

  23. Brendon Blue says:

    Blade wedges are not good options for the gap wedge range for most golfers under 10 handicap imho. These cavity back wedges (CBX, Glide for example) and these edison are much better options. Then you can go nuts on grinds for your lob wedge spot if you so desire. But lets face it with a wedge in hand we should all strive to be pin high. How many of your playing partners, or yourselves, hit wedges too far? I have yet too meet or play with that person. I had similar feelings with the SCOR wedges he designed previously. I will have to look into these.

  24. Same concept and design as the Ben Hogan TK wedges, which are MUCH better looking (but no longer available); however, with that variable bounce sole, God help you if your swing is even slightly steep and the ground is wet. If you're not a "sweeper" or "picker", you better learn how far you can throw a 2lb. divot towards the pin…

  25. Paul Marconi says:

    Matty behind the desk, first thought was “well, they must not come in lefty”

  26. Really cool to see Ian test clubs as well! You both have very different swings and it’s nice to see the different types of testing. Keep it up guys!

  27. Norm Lang says:

    It looks like Ian needs to adjust that Edison wedge a degree or two upright, since all his strike are toe down.

  28. Hi both , can you include where the cg is on future wedge testing please ?

  29. Stephen Cole says:

    I play TaylorMade new hi-toe raw mill grind wedges in 60/15 1 degree strong 1 degree flat. The 56/15 2 degree strong and 1 degree flat both have KBS 110 light C taper shaft and love them. Have you guys tested these wedges

  30. Craig Edga4r says:

    Ian Matt – looking at the T20s like Matts but now with CoG Es21 will have to get refit and checked out by Greg at Birkdale – any tips / check points ie x4 or x5 wedge set including specialist 45 and 62? Parkland course set following Peltz way ie full, 3/4, 1/2 swings and chip – Miz MP5 P wedge Full S shallow std bounce PW 45 120 T20s 45 50 110, 54 100, 58 90, 62 80 ???🤔🤔🤔💪💪💪👍👍👍

  31. Kenneth Lin says:

    Thanks for the review of these wedges. How would they perform compared to cavity wedges?

  32. MBgolf says:

    I tried forged wedges but being soft is very little feedback during practice cast is the only way I'm going with wedges #TeamVokey

  33. Dave AD says:

    Be aware of Edison’s FedEx shipping rates to Canada- I configured an Edison wedge for US$194. The FedEx shipping rate to Calgary was US$112. Total cost for the wedge was US$306 or around $400 Canadian. I’d love to try an Edison wedge, but not for $400.

  34. J B says:

    I just purchased a set due to this video. Got the 3 wedge set with the 10% military/ first responder discount. Looking forward to comparing them to my SM8's!

  35. Hey guy's i would like you to review the Haywood wedges !! thanks good job

  36. B B says:

    Hey guys! Great review and comparison. I was looking at all of these wedges and ended up going with Edison. First off, the customer service they provide is top notch; they answer phone calls quickly, handled all my questions and are very knowledgable. I was a bit apprehensive about spending that much money on wedges that I couldn't touch, but they put me at ease and I'm glad they did. I ended up going with 2 of the wedges (49 and 53) and could not be happier. I went through their online fitting process and gave them my specs, so when the wedges arrived, they were ready to play. I would like more online shaft options, but if you give them a call, you can discuss different shaft offerings not listed on the site. I have had them out on the course half a dozen times and have never been more impressed with any clubs. I have so far only played soft fairway conditions in coastal NC; the sole grind (for me) works really well in soft fairways and from the rough. Glad you guys did a review on them; so far they are a fantastic alternative club for us 'average' golfers…Keep up the great work!

  37. Tim Seebold says:

    Nice piece! Do you always us the same ball in all the wedge tests? Have you tried to create a matrix of ball and spin v wedges? Some wedges might do better with a different ball! Loving the vlogs! 👍

  38. Iron Maiden says:

    Matty has drastically improved his knowledge of the physics of the game. You've come a long way Matt, great job!

  39. golf007sd2 says:

    Very informative….thank you for testing and give us all your feedback!

  40. Randall Zahn says:

    I went from some older callaways to the TK 15 wedges and replaced my 58deg tk15 with an Edison 59. Couldn’t be happier. The one thing that would really take this test to the next level is putting the ball on a short tee to simulate catching a ball sitting up in the rough high on the face. The Fairways on tour are cut tighter than the greens I play on, so having the ball sitting up a bit higher than the pros is pretty common. I don’t think I see those high launch low spinners as often as before. And getting a repeatable spin on short pitches seems easier now. Very happy with the purchase. And they are happy to talk on the phone to make sure that you are getting what they feel is the best shaft and loft for your game.

  41. I've had a set for a year. I really like them and find the marketing is pretty accurate for what they claim. I don't know about 31 feet closer but I have found my proximity to the hole with wedges has improved. I just wish they had more custom shaft options on their website. As of now, you have to call if you want something different than the 2 or 3 options on the site.

  42. I LOVED Terry Kohler's TK15 wedges when he was with Ben Hogan.
    Id love to find one of those again

  43. Yozz says:

    I like these, but can't see myself moving away from an S grind in my 54 and a high bounce K grind in 58

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