Wednesday's BEST BETS: MLB Picks & Props + FIFA Women's World Cup and More! | The Early Edge

Jonathan Coachman is joined by Amags, Martin W. Green and Larry Hartstein to dish out Wednesday’s best bets!

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4 Replies to “Wednesday's BEST BETS: MLB Picks & Props + FIFA Women's World Cup and More! | The Early Edge”

  1. Afternoon, Gents! 2 Leg Parlays just for the FUN OF IT…
    P. Alonso HR + J. Abreau HR…
    P. Alonso TB + J. Abreau TB..
    P. Alonso RBI + J. Abreau RBI

  2. Ademar M says:

    Why this coach guy always grab the bill of his hat

  3. DinDjarinRex says:

    Martin Green is the fuckin man. Hearing him give out baseball plays cracks me up.

  4. 8-8 isn't s pretty good day. Pretty shitty day if actually…

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