Weekly Forex Forecast (07/08/23) EurUsd / XauUsd + Forex Trading Plan! [HD]

Weekly Forex Forecast with Full Forex Trading Plan!
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Forex pairs & markets covered in this week’s Weekly Forex Forecast & Forex Analysis:


Crude Oil, EurUsd, NzdUsd, AudUsd, EurUsd, UsdChf, GbpNzd, GbpAud, GbpJpy, NzdChf, AudChf

Gold Analysis – XauUsd
Silver Analysis – XagUsd
Bitcoin Analysis – Btc/Usd

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The Forex analysis outlined in the Weekly Forex Forecast should be used together with professional Risk Management principles to create a complete Forex strategy. Any Forex trader who does not currently have a professional Risk Management process can get one for free in GMT’s Free Forex Trading Course here: https://getmetrading.com

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How to use the Weekly Forex Forecast

The Forex analysis in the Weekly Forex Forecast can be used with any Forex trading strategy but should be used together with professional Risk Management principles to create a complete Forex strategy. Any Forex trader who does not currently have a professional Risk Management process can get one for free in GMT’s Free Trading Course here: https://getmetrading.com

The Price Action of each Forex market is combined with key support and resistance levels, in the direction of the prevailing trend, to create a framework where the odds are in the favour of each Forex trader. We cover why this is crucial to long term success in the Forex markets in detail in the Risk Management section of GMT’s Free Trading Course (https://getmetrading.com)

The Forex Forecast video presents the highest probability directional move for every market each week as well as a “work space” for each Forex pair by putting into place the key support and resistance levels.
When assessing the Price Action of each Forex market in the Forex Forecast video we create the analysis using multiple time frames, however the presentation in the Forex Forecast video is made in the 4h time frame.


Learn to trade with the Free Get Me Trading Course which teaches traders how to trade Forex, Stocks, Bonds and Commodities as well as how to trade Forex and Stock Market Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Risk Management Principles.

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A complete Forex Strategy:

The Weekly Forex Forecast and Technical Analysis video can be combined with GMT’s Free Trading Course to provide a complete Forex Strategy for every Forex trader to approach the Forex markets with each week. It uses the following process to put the odds onto the side of the each Forex trader ensuring long term, sustainable success in the Forex markets:

Directional Bias

By assessing the overall trend of each market a directional bias is created in each Forex pair which helps put the odds on our side for reasons covered extensively in the Risk Management section of GMT’s Free Trading Course.

Support and Resistance

By updating key support and resistance levels in each Forex market each week a “work space” is created allowing each Forex trader to assess potential set ups on a pullback to support and resistance levels or by filtering out trades which might be too close to upcoming support and resistance levels. It is an additional filter which increases the odds further in our favour.


In the Technical Analysis section of GMT’s Free Trading Course both Breakout and Swing Trading techniques are covered and both can be used to enter positions into the Forex markets for set ups as highlighted in the Forex Forecast.

Stop Losses

Stop Loss placement depends on the individual Forex trader with Stop Losses and Position Sizing being covered in great detail in the Risk Management section GMT’s Free Trading Course for any Forex trader who doesn’t yet know how to correctly implement these techniques (https://getmetrading.com)


Thanks for watching and a big extra thank you to those who comment, like, share and subscribe to the channel!

Have a great week and don’t forget to trade safely!

Get Me Trading Team


43 Replies to “Weekly Forex Forecast (07/08/23) EurUsd / XauUsd + Forex Trading Plan! [HD]”

  1. Welcome all Forex traders to this weeks Weekly Forex Forecast & Forex Analysis!

    Video index for this weeks Weekly Forex Forecast & Forex analysis with times listed below:

    Daily Analysis & Training: https://getmetrading.com/gmt-membership-wff/

    John's Preferred Broker: https://bit.ly/3E4LEsg

    00:32 Quick Review of key events heading into next week (with Economic Calendar)

    01:57 Relative Currency Analysis (with Macro Scorecard)

    03:40 Individual Currency Analysis (EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, CAD, AUD, NZD futures markets)

    07:57 Currency Pair Selection (Best Set Ups This Week) – This is where Set Ups & Currency Pair Analysis begins

    160:45 XauUsd, XagUsd, & Bitcoin

    Please use this Forex analysis with sensible Risk Management procedures, if you do not have any, you can learn from the GMT Trading Course completely FREE at https://getmetrading.com

    I wish you all a nice weekend and a profitable trading week next week 👍

    PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT operate on WhatsApp and WILL NOT ask you to contact us in the comments section. Any attempt at direct contact in the comments section under the GMT brand is an impersonation

    OFFICIAL Get Me Trading information & contact can only be found at – http://www.getmetrading.com

  2. Hi John! usdchf still shorts?

  3. Hello John, I come here to give you thanks. I really like your weekly forex forecast. It has helped me a lot. I have been disciplined and taking notes on everything and have been able to take good trades with very high probability entries. Have been smashing targets week after week. I have passed my funded challenge and good part of it is due to the study done every saturday forecasting the weeks. You have helped me start to understand the macroeconomics. God bless you and your family. Super Grateful. Peace brother!

  4. I go from an average lifestyle to earn more than $9,830 in forex every week, I understood a lot in the last years to doubt that opportunities abound in the financial markets, I invested through the guide rosmunda flavia, her investment strategy is Best. she made more of my starting capital every week

  5. Finney Fins says:

    Do you give daily forecast analysis video which time frm & do u give entry sl and tp ?

  6. Gopi Morla says:

    Great analysis john

  7. Marsh Grafix says:

    Thank you John for your guidance.❤

  8. Sir In CPI gold rise or fall what do you think?

  9. Finney says:

    Thank you man god bless you ❤

  10. John hi 👋 thank you for another fantastic job brother. Wish you the best and have a great week.

  11. Varun Kumar says:

    Hi John, Your analysis and WFFs are absolutely fantastic..! I am deeply grateful for your insights on Risk-On and Risk-Off setups, which have been incredibly valuable. With each passing week, I grow to understand and appreciate your guidance even more. Here's to another week of potential profits and success. Thank you for your exceptional work…!👌👍😊

  12. Simply analysed & right on point… 👍👍👍

  13. Thank you Legend for your amazing help

  14. MCT27 says:

    come on people….4.3 K views and more than 31 K subscribers and this great content only gets less than 300 likes???? let's support the great job that John shares with all of us!!!

  15. Thank you so much for your videos. Very helpful as always

  16. Thanks for any insight. Once again have a good week.

  17. Best analysis as usual 🙏

  18. Very detailed, simple and apt. Thank you

  19. Thanks John … always appreciated !

  20. Thanks for keeping it up John! Well appreciated analysis.

  21. Sidney says:

    Thank you John .. Very happy to be on board with GMT.. Have a great week and see you on the daily updates.. 🙂 😃🤸‍♀🌴☀🌈

  22. Hi John.

    Thank you once more for the Weekly Forex forecast and all the daily quality, second to non analysis each day of the week in the room. So so so grateful sir. God bless you. Always educative and informative. The GMT is a one stop shop for learning and earning.

    See you in the room on Monday sir and regards to your wonderful family.

  23. Do you have any courses about trading currency’s?
    Would you be able to help explaining the BOJ policy and the pair USD/JPY?

  24. Do you have telegram channel?

  25. Steve P. says:

    John – you still have the S&P on your watchlist!! Are you still lookimg for further retracement? I am looking to go long (I never short the S&P) at $4440… thoughts?

  26. dawson says:

    So do you mostly do longer term trading meaning not day trading? Seem like you are more of a position trader.

  27. Thanks John, great analysis as always, see you in the room during the week, Tony from Sydney

  28. Thank you John as always for all your hard work, have a great weekend and week ahead. Take care.

  29. io kip says:


  30. Maan Khan says:

    Thank you John for this WFF 👌 Appreciate your efforts 👏Love you bro❤ Have a wonderful weekend ❣️👊

  31. Thank q very nice john ❤ ur setup do nt dissapoint me as alwaes , luv u man ❤

  32. rez rao says:

    That is a lovely analysis and I like your risk-off ideas, especially AAPL GA GN thank you very much hope will see you in the room on Monday have a nice week.

  33. Great Analysis: Don't mess with USD pairs until after CPI News?

  34. Gold will reach $2008.77
    Start to sell from there

  35. James Rose says:

    Great analysis as ever – keep up the great work. Thank you

  36. Tony McGee says:

    Sorry John, what is a "risk off" setup? Great analysis

  37. Amr Fahamwi says:

    Thanks u I really wait for each episode
    I want u to suggest a course for me to improve my learning about technical analysis and fundamental
    I finish Ur course and others and I want to learn more

  38. Avinash D says:

    nice analysis John..keep doing good work my friend…bless u 🙂

  39. Marco Gomes says:

    Hi John, Great analyses like always thank you for the forecast for next week and for you hard work. have a great weekend with your family, take care my friend.

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