What 26 Handicap Golf Looks Like – BREAK 95 Course Vlog

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  1. HOLYMULLY says:

    Hey man, found your channel today and binge watching. Great content. I was wondering if you have any advice on how to edit videos like this and what sound / camera you use? I was thinking of filming some golf content but no idea where to start. Keep up the amazing work and I can't wait to see you progress to breaking 90 and beyond.

  2. Same HDCP here. Congrats on the long game, it's impressive. Are you adding any chipping with 56°/58° or even 60° to avoid using bump'n'run shots that bounce on the fringe and are unpredictable?

  3. Marc says:

    Don't look like a 26 handicapper on the fist hole let's see what happens on the rest of your game 😜👍

  4. F D says:

    Secret Holiday snap @ 23:24 …? 😅 mate your golf is getting better! Liking the drone shots too and enthusiasm as always. Big up bogey golf!

  5. robster230 says:

    That approach into 18 os really intimidating but also absolutely stunning. Great round, you're coming over the top on some of your short iron shots which explains the left divots but its not every shot (pw on 17th was puuuuuuure)

    Really seeing an improvement in your game, the front nine some of those long putts were dead on lone. Love it, pushong forward 💪

  6. Well done, some excellent shots. Brilliant series, keep up the great work!

  7. Frank Martin says:

    Stringing was nice !

  8. challenge says:

    any news on taming the big dog ?

  9. Well done Dennis, breaking 100 again (small mercies brother). With a little more consistency for you and I both we would be dangerous. Looking forward to the next one Menace!! 😉

  10. kriseskesen says:

    Also a 26 handicap and love the channel bro. Wicked energy. Fancy some match play? 👀

  11. Tim Vincent says:

    Going on holiday at 23:20?! 🙂

  12. Golf Days says:

    i dont know if i qualify as a content creator as well known but as we talk about it a lot on insta we should try and get something sorted for next year 👌

  13. Golf Days says:

    Such a great start as well ! the drone is definitely a great addition. The short game is looking good and the 5 wood off the tee is good too. Mate its all going in the right direction. Great bounce back from the difficult round the other week

  14. Ben Boucher says:

    Quad on 5th birdie on 6th!!!!!!!!! Gordon Strachan would call that insane 'bouncebackability'. Brilliant Dennis & your videos are so quality in terms of production. Keep them coming!

  15. Similar to my game. So frequently some good some bad and some ugly. But your enthusiasm is infectious and will help your handicap enormously. Attitude is as important as your club choice.

  16. scott meyer says:

    Some very nice shots! I see some improvement with each video!

  17. TJ says:

    Ball striking is very good for the most part, most of us have those blow up holes… I think you’re really improving. Keep up the good work.

  18. Troy King says:

    great video as always dennis. dont forget us little guys when you go pro

  19. Mike T says:

    Quad bogey then birdie 🤯 you strike the ball better than me so can’t work out why you’re not scoring lower

  20. Dennis the production quality is so good compared to similar channels, and your enthusiasm is infectious! In terms of your wedges your full shots look fine, for the shorter stuff I think you could benefit from trying to let the club head fall more more naturally, if you haven’t watched it already look up the Rick Shiels video where he gets a short game lesson from
    Dan Greives, totally changed my short game and I now chip far better than my handicap suggests. Just wish I had your distance!

  21. Great video Dennis, only a couple of little adjustments and the scores will tumble down big man, just keep at it.

  22. lovely job, always improving

  23. And just remember only 55% of golfers break 100 your smashing it

  24. Another great video brother tee shots where a lot better today keep up the grind

    I played Lichfield Saturday had a bad day got a 103 but that my last score card for the handicap hopefully I get a 28 handicap out of it 😂

  25. I always watch until the end and comment and like. I know how much it helps you out. Great video

  26. That was a genuine rollercoaster! Props for not throwing with your clubs after a triple or quad, and playing a nice par afterwards. Btw: I like the drone footage of each hole, made by yourself?

  27. I enjoy watching just you and the camera I play solo most of the time nice to see I’m not the only one 😂

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