What a roller coaster hole! #golf #funnygolf #gmgolf

10 Replies to “What a roller coaster hole! #golf #funnygolf #gmgolf”

  1. geno816 says:

    Ive never played sunflower. Gotta play it next week.

  2. Colton Smith says:

    You are a good golfer 🏌️

  3. Joe says:

    Wasn’t that a par 3?

  4. I was so tense watching this video

  5. I can’t believe he didn’t break 65😮.It was a crazy around.❤

  6. I only use a 56° wedge so I dig your choice but I can't control it as well as you. I get about 98yds. With 4yd backspin.

  7. Me just sitting in the cart back there filming this tee shot 😂🎉❤

  8. W1L5ON says:

    Was he biting the hair off his wrist after that tee shot? 🤣 chill G.

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