What Am I Looking At Here?


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29 Replies to “What Am I Looking At Here?”

  1. Could we respect the Christians and not say Jesus's name in vain? I know none of you would say anything bad about tr@ns because of $$. What about morals?

  2. Chris' Place says:

    Would love to see you guys out here in the 757.
    A certian young man out here needs to be humbled..
    The Aka "DOD king"

  3. I have my golf trip this coming week to snowshoe WV to play the Raven golf course. Beautiful mountains and beautiful course. Cant wait

  4. I live in WV and my wife and i went to cape may for our honeymoon two years ago lol

  5. BDS Major in Maui

  6. TophyLight says:

    As a born and raised northeast guy, I really respect the LBI play from bob on the top 5, truly a special place.

  7. Eric Warner says:

    I will destroy all of you on GT.

  8. joey asking everyone to provide a preface after their answer is classic cuts 😂

  9. Winny says:

    Brilliantly dumb show does Vancouver would be a box office series

  10. JDFabbro11 says:

    Come to Vancouver! The content would be brilliant!

  11. Another great episode boys. A great top 5 because it creates a lot of variety in the lists. When the top 5 lists are very similar it's a little less entertaining. Have a day boys!

  12. Camping is fucking sold brother

  13. Bruvy16 says:

    Camping is great, L take in my opinion . Some of my best memories are sitting by a fire with friends and family. But eh to each their own boys.

  14. wushuup_boyy says:


  15. Young Zeus says:

    Cmon Bob it’s not that hard to understand what Mikey is saying about the Golden Tee cabinet.. painful to watch man. You’re good with your mini Wall Mart version

  16. Someone needs to record Bob opening that Golden Tee…the disappointment will be content gold

  17. isaac angell says:

    Mikey gonna win over the Floridians with the disney pick

  18. Next top 5 should be the most overrated fast food restaurants

  19. Nick Tormey says:

    Mikey V needs one of those Arcade1up NFL Blitz cabinet in the mancave

  20. Cannot beat LBI bob imagine cutsy at fantasy island

  21. Bart Garrett says:

    Bless you Bob ! I heard the sneeze 😉

  22. Lost a little respect for Mikey choosing Disney and selling camping.

  23. Scott Keller says:

    Bob, I have Spectrum and bought my own cable modem + WiFi router… never been happier. Works like a charm. Don't use their shit equipment.

  24. Griffin Golf says:

    The disappointment at cutsys list was PALPABLE

  25. C Thompson says:

    I'm definitely selling Mikey V's Hat in this episode.

  26. Brian Starr says:

    After visiting the Weber store, head directly for Vancouver’s world renowned Chinese food.

  27. Ben hamilton says:

    You guys have to go to mackinaw island Michigan for a golf trip. Trip to the 1900s horse and buggy only one of the greatest golf views in the world guaranteed

  28. Ben hamilton says:

    I went to Italy and we went too from Milan to Rome and stopped at sienna and a little city in the mountain and it was special

  29. The camping sell is awful

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