What an EXACTLY 1000 Rated Round Looks Like [Full 18]

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17 Replies to “What an EXACTLY 1000 Rated Round Looks Like [Full 18]”

  1. Eric Lynch says:

    Not saying this as an insult, but it's crazy how you could have been 12 or even 13 down realistically. It's amazing for so many of us that play in tournaments, to look back and feel the pain of "what could have been". I'm constantly routing for you in these tournaments! Keep going strong!

  2. Hunter Dean says:

    The point about putting is interesting. I’m at a point where I am 919 rated and my putt is my most frustrating skill. I go to a local putting league and am placing well consistently. The problem is that all the putts are around 18-25 feet. My problem is that I struggle to have a consistent release when I have to put edge of circle and further. Maybe I’m not using my legs as effectively as I should. Excited to go practice and see if I can found a little more distance on my putt without giving up consistent releases. I’m a good putter 25 and in, so I hope I don’t have to rework my entire putting form to be confident just outside of the circle and heading to longer circle 2 putts.

    I haven’t played too many tournaments, but every tournament, it feels like I’m losing 3-6 strokes simply from the 25-35 foot range. I’m not expecting to be 100% from the circle. I just feel so inconsistent from that range that it’s gotten in my head and has really filled me with stress and makes me overthink which doesn’t help.

  3. PaSmith says:

    Seems like that was a pretty easy 1000 rated round. But anyway my putt is also very inconsistent and frustrating. I feel that putting is situational and you can't really practice that except for while your playing in tourneys. 🤘✌️

  4. DUDE! I think the front leg bend when putting just changed the game for me. Thank you my guy.

  5. Chronodude says:

    Nothing wrong with filming your putting form. I mean why not.

  6. Levi says:

    Violin edit had me cracking up.

  7. Gabe in VT says:

    On the spitout it looks like the chains are still moving a bit from the past put. I woulnder if even the tinyest movement contributed to the spitout via resonance or just opening up to the pole. I've seen McBeth settle the chains brlefore putts. Maybe we all should

  8. Lankybrit52 says:

    Great round. Shame about the spit out. It probably cost you about 3 shots overall 😟

  9. MrNobody123 says:

    Tbh didnt Look like a 1000 rated round which might sound weird but is a good thing

  10. The Dragon events are ALWAYS super solid. Glad your back in CO!

  11. Ethan Zapach says:

    Looking forward to round #2!

  12. murphyd8 says:

    Idk I was thinking about this with my putt recently, I was watching niklas Antila along with Calvin and noticed they keep their legs super straight and it seems to help them get pop, which it did for my putt too. I think bending your front leg gets it in the way for my putt at least

  13. Brandon Betz says:

    Im glad hes doing well. However, being able to dedicate your life to multiple practice rounds at local tournaments is a major advantage. Course experience is huge in terms of scoring well.

  14. Luke Jackson says:

    @LJDiscGolf you are shaming our initials. Please don’t make all the LJ disc golfers look bad

  15. LJ Disc Golf says:

    Lets get the first comment to the most liked

  16. LJ Disc Golf says:

    Lets go i did it again

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