What did the GODS fear…

The gods of our ancestors were not immortal, they had fears, and in this video we will talk about some of their biggest fears. Figures in mythology that had immense power, power to destroy a god.

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41 Replies to “What did the GODS fear…”

  1. shawnreed343 says:

    I wonder how many of the ancient apocalypse myths, gods and monsters, may have come from the eruption of the supervolcano Toba in Indionesia ~67,000-75,000 BC. It's an event that would have been heard and felt around the world, and could easily have inspired myths from Kali to Typhon. The description of sounds regarding Typheus could easily be attributed to a great eruption, and I would suspect ancient peoples struggling through the aftermath of an ancient natural disaster would be terribly afraid of it happening again in the future. Tales passed from spoken word would likely have been greatly bastardized and embellished over time, but the core idea of the destruction would have been central to the stories.

  2. Veiled_Aiel says:

    I always wondered what Jeff Ross did when there wasn't a roast to organize.

  3. Roger Mullan says:

    Ragnarok as it is written in modern mythology is a creation of Christians in an attempt to kill off the Old Gods and convert the Odinist population to Christianity.

  4. Odin says:

    Dude typhon would get his but kicked by the world serpent

  5. Cegarrath says:

    What about the Hecatoncheires?

  6. I believe that any god’s greatest foe is embodied in chaos, and entropy. A god may rule while the board remains as it is, but eventually the board will change, and after that will crumble to dust in time. In the case of cyclical gods, this is when they begin the cycle anew.

  7. When someone uses the word "beverage", I think they're referring to beer. But I guess tea isn't so bad either.

  8. Anukulous says:

    Sounds like representatives of the Children of the Serpents, had to bring balance to unchecked and chaotic, corruptible children (the gods and primordials). Children of the Serpents can come mainly in dragon-like form, but it can take other forms. Since the gods are not pure-beings (they live for a limited time and require a source to replenish their life-forms: like humans), an unknown level of corruption is built into the system, they are conditioned to give into corruption, and they need to be kept in check by a third party.

    Sadly, i doubt humans would know anything about the Omni-Gods. Nobody except the creator gods would know because they serve the Omni-Gods. Gods of the highest dimension.

    The Omni Gods are what some would consider as four inter-dimensional Dragons. The first who is above all is the Cosmos Dragon. He has no name but he is given many names by other parties. The Cosmos Dragon can be of any form or take no form while still existing. Everything is an extension of his body even if they don’t know it because they are made of his flesh(energy and matter). He represents all the energy, matter, it’s inversion, the fabric of space, the source of all and it’s abundances. Everything in creation comes from him. Nothing can kill or subjugate him because everything in creation comes from his flesh and will. All creation gods get their authority and power from him. The source of the other Omni God’s power come from him. His favorite form comes in the shape of a massive black metallic dragon with 6 eyes and 6 wings. His size is undefined, but it could be smaller than a subatomic particle, or big enough to block everything out.

    The Second Omni God is known as the Infinity Dragon, the Queen and Consort to the Cosmos Dragon. She is the supreme mother of all serpents and cosmo creator gods throughout all universes. She represented the continued expansion of creation and the Serpents who enforce her laws. Also, She represents the Holy order, superior will and authority above all under her and her King. She only cares for her own children: the creator gods of different universes and dimensions. The serpents are viewed more as servants and tools for her real children. When the Cosmos Dragon seeks to enforce judgement on his children, she will intervene to set things right because she has final authority over all.

    The third Omni God is the Red Dragon of life. She represent the will to live, the will to survive and the corruption found in the flesh of all living beings. Simply, she uses the flesh of the Cosmos Dragon to create DNA, amino acids, Proteins, and others: A corruption of the Cosmos Dragon’s flesh to constitute life in some form or fashion. She is the supreme mother and creator of the Old Dark Chaos Gods. All forms of life has had some form of influence from her, and when the flesh dies, it cause other forms of flesh to consume it to seek strength from consuming dead meat. Her goal is to overthrow the Infinity Dragon and become Queen to the Cosmos Dragon. Sadly, the Cosmos Dragon has chosen the Infinity Dragon as his life-partner and equal.

    The last Omni God is a four-headed gold dragon who calls himself the Four-Wardens. He is the god who watches all, protects the flows of time, energy and knowledge accumulated in the systems that occur in the different universes. He gives no cares of concern for biological or pure life. He is also known (only to the omni gods) as the father of the fabled Yellow and Red Kings (not biologically) from different dimension. Both are tools used by the Warden to bring disorders and order indirectly to the different universes. He used them both as puppets even though they believe they act according to their own will. Their powers and source of that power come from the warden even if they don’t know that.

    The main purpose of the Omni Gods is to perpetuate life, creation, and watch the events unfold for their own entertainment. Every so many millenniums, the Omni Gods like to participate in watching biological life fight, survive, and react to wars on a universal or dimensional scale. The Red Dragon might release her Chaos Gods on a sector of space and witness how life responds to it. Maybe the Yellow King might intervene or a hero connected to the Serpents might rise up and subjugate their invaders.

  9. Jude Warner says:

    I have always considered the multi-headed, fire-breathing, flying dragon myths as exemplifying a natural event such as a comet, intercepting the Earth and breaking up, thus appearing to scorch the Earth from the sky with numerous heads and tongues of fire, since many comets include flammable organic material. By-passing in space multiple streamers are often seen from comets with greater or lesser return intervals. Even inorganic components or meteors (stone and metal) burn up and explode during their passage through the atmosphere. It is certain that in antiquity meteors and short-interval comets (also short-lived through frequent exposure to the Sun) would have been more numerous and thus featured more frequently in the origins of mythology.

    Vulcanism seems to be more associated with gods' weapon forges than with fire-breathing monsters. I believe that both Vulcan (obviously) and Hephaestus were associated with specific volcanoes?

    The victory of Marduk over Tiamat I see as the triumph of male-oriented religion over the earlier female-oriented theologies, represented as original Chaos, much as Christianity represented earlier Pagan beliefs as Satanic, often mediated through female witches (or female shamans / wise-women) who therefore had to be suppressed, along with women in general due to their more ''hysterical'' (chaotic) nature.

  10. 'I love mythology' brought a smile to my face. You really do, it shines through every moment of these videos.
    I love mythology too, but I think you have a unique talent: I am pretty sure that you could make anything sound interesting.
    If you were reading the local weather reports from the most boring parts of Zealand, January 1928 with that level of passion, I'd be listening with rapt attention ..

  11. There is nothing more powerful than the absolute nothingness we all come from.
    Snap and poof everything in existence becomes nothing.

  12. Jaygo says:

    The gods fear the name of Ahayah.. That's a Fact

  13. I'd like to point out that Kali is not sticking her tongue out. She's actually biting her tongue. A common Indian expression when we make a mistake. In this context, she made the mistake of stepping on Shiva who is laying down in front of her because that was the only way to snap her out of her bloodlust. Great video as always!

  14. SCC says:

    The Gods fear Haachama.

    They are right to.

  15. If it's Yahweh not giving into peer pressure to join the flock n giving him all your money 😂

  16. Noah Bawdy says:

    Agamemnon… that would make a terrific name for a ship. Wonder if Babylon 5 ever made mention of such a thing ?

  17. Dee spaeth says:

    Jon, what does crecganford" mean, please?

  18. You cant kill a God, but I wonder if you can trap it inside a paradox

  19. Remidns me of the hindu gods being a shadow of an higher god called brahman, not to get confused with brahma and prajapati, 😂

    Damn it seems I'll have to binge your videos again.

  20. Dana Hood says:

    I love your content so very much, it seems very well researched and wonderfully presented. Next time tho if you turn the mic gain down a bit, and run it through a basic limiter you should be able to turn the volume up without distortion or those mic pops. I don't think you need a separate pop filter as it might detract from your presentation. Thank you for the great content and plz continue making more!

  21. sc sarmiento says:

    Thank you for the interesting contents ! I really think that an RP course would make the sound and pronunciation a little bit more easy to understand, mainly the endings and connections with words.
    At the same time that it attaches certain academic air to the already interesting contents.
    Thank you

  22. The Romans and Greeks actually had a pretty popular myth where they themselves killed a god. His name was Jesus 😊

  23. Eddard Stark says:

    “Even gods fear the absolute, for it stinks of something larger than themselves.” – Sotha Sil (Elder Scrolls)

  24. So they’re effectively Devine weapons, imbued with the power to destroy that which the gods themselves cannot control. These weapons are unique by in nature and unrivaled in power. As such are designed for a single purpose. Such Devine weapons are not to be compared with mere inanimate tools of power, formed by fire and steel to be exploited at the discrediting of the gods. No, they are sentient beings, formed from the ether at great cost and sacrifice. They are masters at their craft. Brought forth only as a last resort. A heavily calculated approach harboring considerable consequences of its own, a consideration made necessary when facing inevitable destruction and mass loss of life. These weapons by nature, are created with unimaginable power as they must be superior to what the themselves cannot possess.

    The life of such a weapon never ending destruction paired with inevitable loss. A life full of pain and suffering, wrought with despair and seeded with revenge. The gods fear what they can not control and will attempt to dispose of the weapon after it has fulfilled its purpose. Deemed nothing more than a tool of the gods, an attempt on its life will be made. These attempts often fail and as a consequence, have a new meaning to “we have a problem”. Another equally dangerous option is to create a prison made specifically to contain the individual and once contained hide the being to the best of one’s ability. This option only seems to by one time if the being is immortal and an escape is to be expected albeit with containment time being significant.

    These beings are known collectively as the God Killers.

  25. The entity that brings the greatest fear in a God is called the God Slayer. This entity is me.

  26. DSO Dragus says:

    Bro, you cannot speak on behalf of the gods….. Only I can.

  27. Olympians didn't fear furries. They were afraid a couple of the primordial dieties such NYX

  28. tbq011 says:


  29. Horase Fu says:

    interesting thought: Typhon and other myths with this form were actually plasma discharges (e.g. mega lightning) from a time that had seen Earth going through a much less stable phase

  30. Yus Tus says:



  31. Your failure to identify the real Great Goddess, Karma, as the "adult" version of Deus Pater's brain child, Athena, prevents your narrative from proceeding past the dark lies spun by Karma's jealous brothers and sisters. They still believe they can stop the new messiah system of 12D merkaba development through reincarnation and Karma-12 from being released from the Gaia containment field with another Great Reset, not having remembered what the conditions agreed to to conclude the Gaia experiment were, and having been blind-sided by a different Messiah than anyone had been expecting. We're nearly done with the process, and most are still arguing over whether the tribulation has started. Now that's an apocalypse worthy of a senior creator who's never been fond of tooting his own horn or destroying anything that might be useful elsewhere or elsewhen. 😉

  32. Crocganford just gets better and better, thank you for finding and sharing the stories

  33. Souls ARE immortal. The gods were/are/will be the incarnated manifestations of the highest consciousness souls in a self-evolving system to expand and govern individual and collective quanta of consciousness. Today's gods are the product of many failed experiments that resulted in the first successful Big Bang and are about to conclude the first successful Gaia experiment.

    History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes until God and Karma establish a new merkabic tune. We have no more need for destructive pied pipers like Kali and Lilith anf Tiamat. Time does NOT devour all things. That is a nihilist lie used to demoralize souls to make them vulnerable to hive mind assimilation into some false-advertising almighty "one". The nonsense agenda of "build back better" is being exposed daily as a psyop designed to transfer more power to self-proclaimed human gods who already have more power than they can handle, and are hardly the sharpest beasts in the shed of the final chosen species.

    Those who respect God and Karma have nothing to fear from apocalypse, and much to gain if they have the faith to become martyrs if necessary, to expose tyranny they see around them.

  34. Z0n3Ku5h says:

    What about the kush or styx river

  35. The Serpents = Reptilian being. Gods = Atlantean beings or something of the sort. 👌

  36. Abigail Beth says:

    This man is my Bob Ross, thank you for existing

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