What Does a $120,000 Membership Look Like at The Greenbrier Golf Club?

Yes you can play here when you stay here…The Greenbrier home to many PGA tour events and now the LIV Tour.
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23 Replies to “What Does a $120,000 Membership Look Like at The Greenbrier Golf Club?”

  1. Kev W. says:

    Nobody cares. Fluff content, to be honest.

  2. Noob-Noob says:

    Very progressive of them to employ a blind interior designer.

  3. Great review, great course

  4. Matt, did you walk up to the Roulette table and do a quick black or red martingale to pay for your round. :-p.

  5. Michael Bodo says:

    I love how you rave about how old school and cool the men's locker room is and then you show a leaky faucet. LOL! Hopefully, you had someone in maintenance address that so that it's in keeping with the rest of the locker room. 😆😆😆

  6. @4:07 Beer and wines seem decently priced?

  7. Trouty 5000 says:

    Where can you find the essence of golf?:…..the bathroom… 😮

  8. Cool stuff says:

    Come on Matt… get it right, you refer to “not to many divot marks on the greens”. They’re called pitch marks… divots are on the fairways! You’re supposed to be the expert!

  9. zman7242 says:

    Lucky Ba##ard! What a great opportunity, I’d love it! 🤔 I hope your damn mother in law moves in! 😂

  10. You definitely deserve to have a locker in the same place as all time greats. You do a lot for the golf world. Your a great ambassador for golf, and really allow us fans to get a understanding of how wonderful the sport is, and younger people are playing the sport more today than ever and it has a lot to do with people who do what you do. Thank you Mr short game. I always enjoy the content

  11. Joe Martin says:

    Everything about it looks awesome!!!

  12. Matt Repass says:

    Homestead in Virginia next

  13. Andy Becker says:

    Played the pro am at the last pga tour event. Old white was the most immaculate golf course I’ve ever seen.

  14. M B says:

    Great video. Thanks for all you do. Keep it up.

  15. zoiks 66 says:

    The smell of pretentiousness really comes wafting out of the screen as you watch this.

  16. BenB says:

    Love your videos, but as a fan of your game, would love to see a full course vlog with score!
    You're a great golfer, and even if it's a higher score, I love seeing full rounds. Great job!

  17. We had our annual golf trip there last year. Old white was nice but I loved the Meadows. Birdie on #1 as well! A great time.

  18. Norman Jones says:

    Brilliant video, good to see how the other half play the game!

  19. David Golf says:

    Matt cool video thanks. The only part I have to dink you on is: Who cares if LIV is coming to the Greenbrier?? I couldn't care less about that bush league that I hope will be DEAD if/when the deal goes thru with the REAL golf tour, the PGA!!!!

  20. Welcome to WEST BY GOD VIRGINIA 🔥🔥

  21. David Pellow says:

    Have they not decorated since 1970?

  22. Adam W says:

    Can we all just admit the room design was horrible? That wallpaper…. my God.

  23. Barnsley Gardens Resort. You should check this out Mr. Short Game. Here’s the thing !!!! It’s only an hour from Atl in Adairsville, GA. Tom Fazio design. Immaculate place Mr. Short Game.

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